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  • Jesshicksx Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)


    did you 'restore iphone' or 'restore backup'

    i am having this same problem with the songs showing in my 'on this iphone' section but not appearing on my actual iphone. they are coming up a light grey with the dotted circle line next to them

    but in my normal itunes library they are a normal colour and play absolutely fine

    this is driving me insane as it was working fine up until about a week ago but as far as i can remember i have not done any updates in that space


  • Joe-Joe65 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    I had the EXACT same issue, as I believe as everyone else. I clicked on Restore iPhone (or in my case Ipod). And that basically restored my ipod to the last working condition. The best part was when it was all done my ipod kept the latest software update so I didn't have to reinstall the software update to the ipod.

  • Ronny85 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you so much, I have a iphone 4 and this worked for me

  • katie_faith98 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    thank you so much!!! it worked and im so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU

  • Abemanzana Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)


    After you sync your music library ot your iphone

    Open "Music" App

    On the right side you will see "more" (radio, playlists, artists, songs, more)

    Click it

    then click "Shared"

    and then choose the name of your music library on the computer.


    So basically, you do syncing twice. (so annoying)

    Hope this helps!


  • Jesshicksx Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This worked, thank you Abemanzana

  • FrenchToast Level 3 Level 3 (645 points)

    Let me  add my two cents to this old but steadily populated thread. I had the same problem as most of you did, and what did the trick for me was to erase all music from my iPhone, then in iTunes, to choose File -> Add to Library, and in the Finder windows, to select all the songs and folders in the Music folder under Home/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music.


    I didn't have a lot of songs, so it took me a few seconds, tops, but selecting all of them with the Shift and Down Arrow keys, and voilà!


    Don't forget to sync after doing this...



  • gatz Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I'll add my experience to the chorus. The symptoms are the same: Manual copying of files by dragging to the IPhone results in "grey entries" in the iPhone's library. This is after a long "waiting to copy" period.


    The aggravating thing is that sometimes the copy takes place. Sometimes a sync is required. Sometimes even after a sync the entries are grey, BUT after another file is drug to the iPhone, this file and the "grey entries" will copy. Sometimes another sync is required. Sometimes two more. There is no ryhme or reason behind the behavior. Except that it started with iOS 7.

  • FrenchToast Level 3 Level 3 (645 points)

    You tried the "Add to Library" stint?

  • TheSeabiscut Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    There are 9 pages of this so this solution may have already been said. Now that iTunes doesn't let you edit music on your iPhone I deleted all my Radiohead so I could readd it with the album artwork but when I tried dragging it to my phone just like I usually did, nothing happened. The only solution I have found, it is incredibly stupid that you have to do this, is to change something in the info. For me it was as simple as adding "Radiohead" to the album artist section. My girlfriend had to change "The Killers" to "The Killer" in the Artist section. I don't know if it is exclusive to changing one of those two categories or if you could change something as simple as genre. If having the wrong Artist name bothers you, try changing it back later and see if that works.

  • FrenchToast Level 3 Level 3 (645 points)

    Looks like many users have started encountering problems after switching to iOS 7, but not all of them. I already had that kind of issue, but I have hundreds of songs on my iPhone, so renaming them all wasn't an option.


    Until Apple finds a real solution to this problem, we'll have to jump from one workaround to the next. I wish there was another way to backup and sync my phone without using iTunes...

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    it helped this problem when I autorised "this computer" try go to store and click AUTHORISE THIS COMPUTER thne clean and re-sync your iphone

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    This sync issue is nuts! I just upgraded my iTunes to the most recent version and still no resolve with the sync issues I was having either. From what I can tell, if I buy music from the iTunes store, those songs seem to sync. If I import a CD or copy a song from say Youtube and bring it into my iTunes library, those songs will NOT sync. Prior to updating iTunes or iOS 7 on my phone, I could do what I cannot do for years now. I can clearly see the songs listed in my iTunes library, hook my phone up to the computer via the USB cable and go through the entire sync process and look at my phone when its completed and no changes have been made with songs I manually added to my library.


    I wish there was a way you could manually add songs to your phone instead of having to do a sync.


    Also to those that say iTunes is telling you, you don't have enough space on your phone. One common thing to keep in mind to free up space is to delete your text messages! I recently deleted text messages for one of my contacts and believe it or not, it freed up about 4.5gb of space on my phone!


    I have an old iPod Touch without a camera and its using OSX 5.1.1. I tried to update to the most recent OSX but it keeps saying its up to date. Well anyway, I am going to try and use that and see if that will sync and have my imported music show up on that device.

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    I have tried almost everyhting in this post! It was bothering me for many days now.
    Most of my music was from BandCamp, Cd's and iTunes. Noting would show but some of the Bandcamp and all of my Purchased from iTunes. I had so much difficulty with this! :-(
    Unti today. I found that if you click on your iPhone and it takes you to the summary page. From there you go to the tab that says "Music" you click on the Sync Music Button. It will wanr you that all your music is going to be deleted from the device. As soon as that takes affect and it shows that all your music is still on your device, you turn the device off for 20 secs or so and then you turn it back on. You look in your device to see if your music is still there. It is ok to see that your purchased music is there as long as nothing else is. Your phone should still be plugged in. You click on your summary page and you scroll down to Manually Manage Music & Videos. You click over on your library -- If you have a mac you do Command + A, if you have a Windows you do Ctrl + A -- and you select your music and drag it over to your device. All of your music should be on your device. Sounds like quite a bit of work but all you fustation will leave. :-) I hope that this helps someone.

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    I have a iPhone 5S with passcode and finger ID set and an iPad Air on which I hadn't originally turned on the passcode option. All my music went to the iPad without issue but a lot of newer stuff on the iPhone was greyed out with a red circle with a small square at the side. (A red version of the icon you see when downloading apps). I clicked and unclicked on the Manage Music manually and then synch'd. This took most of my music into the black hole.  I then turned off the passcode, made sure the Sync Music Automatically option was selected then synched again. Bingo! All my music was returned and operational.  BTW I use a PC with Windows 8.1

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