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  • DVX100Shooter Level 3 (845 points)

    FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY!!! I got my music onto my iPhone!


    I tried a bunch of the same things everyone has been posting excluding wiping my phone clean and restoring my library on my phone.


    I have some software called Phone View which allows me to save text messages in PDF form or other stuff from my phone and save it on my computer. It will also allow you to copy stuff to the phone as well. I tried to send music that would not sync the normal way and it clearly copied it to my phone or so I thought. I checked my phone and the songs were no where to be found! I clearly saw the blue bar saying Copying to iPhone go all the way over to the right until it finished copying.


    Then I went back to iTunes and highlighted the songs I wanted on my phone and clicked and dragged them over to the right side of the iTunes window. You will see a sidebar screen come up with the name of your iPhone listed. I manually dragged the songs and dropped them on the name of my iPhone. I have it set up to sync over WiFi. The sync icon started spinning around both on the computer screen and on my phone.


    During this sync process I was working on something else and had to reboot my computer right in the middle of the syncing. I just killed it. Rebooted my computer.  I then opened my Music on phone and checked my playlists and what do you know the songs were there. I was able to sync them manually over WiFi.


    I just hope I remembered what i did. I am going to try it a few more times to make sure I know what I am doing because I was trying just about everything to get it to work and Apple doesn't sound like they are really trying to resolve the issue!

  • DVX100Shooter Level 3 (845 points)

    Well I'm back in the "dog house" smh! Yes I got my songs onto my phone that wasn't syncing on its own but now I have a new problem! There are missing songs from playlists on my phone and on my computer! All missing songs were purchased in the iTunes music store too.


    Everytime I do a sync, iTunes says it's backing up my phone. Where can I find those backups on my computer? I located the folder with previous iTunes libraries but it's not showing anything from 2014. I'm thinking I need to resort back to an old backup and load that up to get all my songs back in my playlists like I had them. A lot of my missing songs are greyed out with a dotted line circle next to them. Also for only one of my playlists, it automatically created a duplicate playlist but put a number 1 after it. I have no idea what the heck is going on and I don't think Apple does either.

  • gman1074 Level 1 (0 points)

    I figured it out guys!


    Go to you IDevice, then to the music library. Ok? Next, look at the bottome of your screen. There you'll see Playlists, Artists, Albums, Songs, MORE. Click on the "more". Then you will want to select "shared" it is a little house with a music symbol in it. After that, select "(your name) Library". BOOM! Your songs are in your library. Now... if you share an itunes and got some songs into your library that you don't want there. Just select the name of your device. For example, the name of my device is "Garret's 5th gen". I just reselected that after selecting Garret's Library. Now the music that was on there that i didn't want when i selected Garret's Library is now off. BUT the music that was glitching is NOW / STILL on my device. Hope this helped eveyone out.

  • FrenchToast Level 3 (645 points)

    Sorry pal, there's no "Shared" in "More" in my case... What really did the trick for me was to manually add all the missing songs and albums to iTunes library, then sync again.


    Yeah, you might want to sync again...

  • mgsmos Level 1 (0 points)


    I have had the same issue. not being able to add individual songs, unless i did complete restore.

    this was on ios6, and ios7.

    This is my solution.

    Total of 4 Steps

    Step 1 - (this portion only needs to be done once.) go to the bottom right in itunes, open settings, drag scroll bar to a few hundred megs, and select  box choose items randomly., click ok.

    Step 2 - drag the songs you would like to sink up to, into your Music library ( on the left hand collum,  Directly over the  Music Library .

    Step 3 - Choose your library in Autofill forms ( in my case its the default; Music)

    Step 4-  press Autofill , you will see the syncing icon go from grey to black next to each song.

    it worked for me


    As for Where your back up's are. I would assume it is in your itunes media folder location. ( that is where mine are)

    Ussually in \user\ mydocuments\music\itunes, in there you will find your apps, music, etcs


    Note: i deAuthorized all itunes licenses on various computers, . i had six licenses. max licenses allowed by apple is five. I authorized my itunes on my windows8.1 pc.  wether this step had any effect or not; i do not know.





  • cabro4 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm so relieved that my solution worked for me. These instructions and several others' simply don't make any sense to me.


    APPLE, STOP THE MADNESS and FIX THIS.! No one should have to put up with this garbage.

  • FrenchToast Level 3 (645 points)



    APPLE, STOP THE MADNESS and FIX THIS.! No one should have to put up with this garbage.


    I couldn't agree more! It seems most of us started having issues syncing our music after switching to iOS 7 and the latest version of iTunes, so one or more features in both codes must be the reason we're having so many problems, and so many different solutions to them.

  • PyroTrumpet5 Level 1 (0 points)

    i got mine to work and here is what i did.  nothing with shared or whatever.

    1 goto "settings" on your iphone

    2. "general"

    3. "usage"

    4. "manage usage"

    5. "music"

    6. click edit and delete all music.  yes EVERYTHING.  also make sure that you are not using any of the songs as alarms

    7. connect with USB to itunes and resync what you want.



  • towardfatherhood Level 1 (0 points)

    I had the same issue after the latest update. Turns out all I had to do was highlight my songs, right-click, and choose "Create AAC version." This worked for me on imported tracks (not iTunes purchased).

  • NHagmusa Level 1 (0 points)


    I fixed this by doing the following;

    1. Plug you phone/ipod onto your laptop

    2. Hard shut down your device (press home and lock button at the same time until apple logo appears)

    3. Make sure you dont plug your device out

    4. Wait for it to reappear on itunes

    5. Your songs should start downloading on themselves


    You're welcome

  • noah197 Level 1 (0 points)

    When you deleted your Itunes did it delete all of your music on it?

  • noah197 Level 1 (0 points)

    Im have similar issues as each of ya'll but i have 2 itunes on 2 computers and one is mine and the other is my dad's i want radioactive by imagine dragons but it says i have already synced to my itunes. I try syncing my music so i can get music for my iphone 4 and it asks if i want to erase everythng like music etc. Ive tried connecting his phone to my itunes and going to the top left of itunes clicking file and scrolling down to devices then it will show sync your iphone or transfer purchases from my iphone. I tried to transfer his purchases and it just transfers his apps and still didn't work ive tried everything Apple seriously needs to fix this crap.

  • noah197 Level 1 (0 points)

    I figured it out i did what i said in my other post i went to the top left and clicked file and went to devices clicked transfer purchases then i let it sync it all. Then went to sync music.You will have to erase all music in sync, then during my selection of music it synced all of the songs i wanted.

  • Fedje Family Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same problem. I did what PyroTrumpet5 did, but when I plugged it back in and resynched the phone, nothing happened. I tried again and again but to no avail. I am running the latest versions of iOS 7, iTunes, with an iPhone 5C on Windows 8. Please help!

  • Fedje Family Level 1 (0 points)

    Never mind, I got it working again. Only now iTunes has lost some of the songs I purchased, as well as imported songs. The imported ones will be no big deal, just find the CD they were on or re-download them, no biggie. It's the ones I actually purchased from iTunes that I'm going to need to figure out. I want to thank Trevormitchell1212 for helping me with this particular situation.

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