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  • emiliedumais Level 1 Level 1



    I have the same problem as darcyw77. Can't find the "share" button, and it's kind of frustrating...


    How can I find it? Or maybe, activate it?

  • emiliedumais Level 1 Level 1



    Je suis du Québec et de tenter de comprendre les conseils en anglais sont un petit défi pour moi... Comment avez-vous réussi à trouver le bouton share? Car je ne le trouve pas non plus...


    Merci d'avance!

  • finalnicolas Level 1 Level 1



    L'option "partagé" apparait dans le menu "autre" qui est accessible en bas à droite de l'application musique sur l'iphone.


    Mais cette option "partagé" n'apparait que quand tu es connecté en wifi sur le même réseau wifi que ton mac/pc et que itunes est ouvert sur ton mac/pc. Donc cela ne résoud pas notre problème de synchronisation.


    J'espère que quelqu'un trouvera une solution ou que Apple se réveillera pour corriger ces bugs sur ios7/itunes11.

  • jbea479 Level 1 Level 1

    I tried everything and nothing worked except for one! Go to your itunes on your computer and you'll see a bunch of options on top that says File Edit View etc. Go to File and go to Home Sharing and turn on your home sharing. Once you turn that on, go to your phone and go to your music app. Go to More and click on Shared and click on *your name's Library.

    And it'll transfer your songs on your computer into your phone/ipod/ipad!

  • colinfromcaerleon Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks to jbea479 for the answer

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    Not the answer for me

    Along the bottom I have Genres, Playlists, Artists, Songs and More.  The More buttom just shows me the iTunes Radio.  Where in the heck is the Shared option??  I assume this has something to do with the newest updates to the IOS on the iPhone.  I'll bet that over 60% of my songs are no longer accessible on my iPhone.  Really, really, really getting frustrating.

  • finalnicolas Level 1 Level 1

    Unfortunately this doesn't solve the problem for me because when you allow the shared option you have to be closed to your mac/pc to enjoy your songs on your iphone. When you are not, you will see that no songs were added on your iphone.


    Apple: what are you doing to fix this bug? (And another bug: i can't no longer download the songs i've purchased on the itunes store from the music app...)

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    finalnicolas is right. It only works when I have the computer on. I don't understand. I've tried everything else. I've tried restarting it and all that. This is ******* me off.

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    I just tried the Home Sharing suggestion. I don't have Share on my More in the Music App. You should to to Apple Customer Support and open a formal ticket. You might need to open one for you iPhone, too. This is not getting solved by discussing in the Support Community.


    I opened a ticket a week or so ago. I stayed on the phone for an hour before I told them I had to go. Some of my music got on my phone from the cloud. But, there is music I loaded from CD's that I own that is trying to come to me through the cloud now. They insisted they would help me download my music, but did not acknowledge an Apple issue, and said it couldn't be because of iOS7.


    I can't transfer my Christmas music back to my phone, and I sure won't be buying any iTunes until this is resolved.


    Open a support ticket.

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    Sorry all for the delay.


    As other have mentioned, yes, the "Shared" option only comes up when your near your main iTunes library.


    After multiple attempts and "tweaks", I finally gave in and did a complete backup, dump and re sync.  I did it the same day that 7.0.4 came out so I figured what's waiting a little while longer and just reinstall everything.


    While I consider this the ultimate "Hail Mary"/Desperation call, I was able to get my missing songs on my actual iPhone.


    Don't know if the update had anything to do with it (doubtful) but it does get rid of the grey circles on some of your songs and I finally have my recently purchases MMLP2 CD in my library.


    PLEASE NOTE: I haven't added any new songs to my library since doing the dump->Sync, so I don't know if moving forward we're good...


    Sorry for the "cop out" solution.

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    Pretty sure everyone has figured this out but just in case. The answer is simple:


    Go to iTunes on the Mac and connect your iPhone. Let it finish it's basic synch.

    Select your iPhone by clicking on the "your name"iPhone button (not the eject, just the left side of the button). This takes you to the main settings control for how your iPhone connects to your Mac. Scroll to bottom to 'Options' then deselect the 'Manually manage music and videos' as it is most likely default selected. Ok the warning and boom, your music transfers and will update every time you connect your iPhone to the Mac.

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    Big thankyou to Trevormitchell1212


    This worked immediatley for me - I have been trawling through all the different complex fixes all morning to no avail; this did it in a mere minute. Now i have all my songs and playlists - not one of them greyed out either   

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    Thanks Trevormitchell1212! This worked immediatley for me also!

  • barbarafromts Level 1 Level 1

    This solved my problem, thanks!!

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    Well, I've deleted everything from my phone and brought all of my music back.  I'm still getting songs that have dead air time.  I've also discovered that (on some songs, but again no pattern) once the song hits the dead space, iTunes jumps to the next song but does not actually advance the 'Now Playing' information.  In other words, the name, time, album art etc are now wrong...


    This definately seems like a software problem to me and I'm going crazy.


    Anyone have any ideas?  Jump ship and try the latest Android maybe?

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