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My iPhone won't finish the iTunes sync when plugged into my Macbook Pro.  It's been hung on step 7 (Waiting for changes to be applied) since before Notre Dame lot to Oklahoma.  What can I do?  I have a new iPhone 4S on iOS7.  Syncing over WiFi doesn't work either in that case the computer and phone can't even see each other to get started.

iPhone 4S, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    I've been having the same problem. It would either get stuck at "Waiting for changes to be applied" or "Waiting for items to copy". My last successful sync was on 10/15. Tried a number of times either via wifi or direct connect.


    Solved it in the following fashion:


    1. Connected the phone to the computer via Lightning cable.
    2. My phone was set to back-up to iCloud. Changed that setting to back up to the computer.
    3. Unchecked the "Sync Music" option under the music tab.
    4. Hit apply.
    5. After a wait - the back-up completed and all the music was removed from my phone.
    6. Once it was done, re-checked "Sync Music" - it got past "Waiting for Changes to be Applied" at this point.