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I updated my sprint iphone 5 to 7.0.2 or whatever the newest iOS is and now my 3G is not working.  I've tried restoring, updating cell towers, and calling sprint nothing seems to be working.  Apparently something is wrong with the update. Any ideas?

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.2
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    Same exact issue here, cellular data working less than %10 of the time bouncing between 1x and 3g. Phone calls and SMS working ok. Started immediately after the reboot post 7.0.2 update. I've been on the phone with both Sprint and Apple with no resolution.


    Things tried so far:


    - Reset network settings

    - ##UPDATE#

    - ##CLEAR#

    - Turn data on/off, reboot phone

    - Full erase and restore through iTunes.


    There's no question in my mind that the 7.0.2 update created the problem for me Within 30 seconds of the update completing I have had horrible data issues and everything was working fine immediately prior.

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    I talked to sprint they can do nothing and my year warranty expired one day before this happened.  Hopefully they will update the software again.  Everything works fine besides that. My calls and wifi and even LTE when in areas that get it.  Weird don't you think

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    My warranty is also up. I actually had pretty much the same symtpons of 3g data not working for the first 6 months I had this phone (which was chalked up back then to Sprint tower issues), then it worked much better for the next 6 months.


    I'm not sure who is to blame this time but once this contract runs out I don't think I will do business with either Apple or Sprint in the future (most definintely not the combination of the two),

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    Exact same issues for me and tried all those steps as well with no luck.  I agree it only started after 7.0.2...prior to that I didn't have any 3G issues at all.


    Very frustrating as neither side seems to understand or own the issue.

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    I got a replacement iphone 5 after my screen shattered and was having no issues on ios 7.0. Once I got the new phone and upgraded to ios 7.0.2 I have been unable to connect to Sprint's 3G network. Constantly toggles between 1x and 3g and never connects. Only works if I'm close to an LTE signal, and we all know Sprint's LTE service is subpar at best.

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    So, back on the phone with Sprint and then Apple this morning... Long story short Apple rep says the 7.0.2 update can cause problems that render the data unoperable on the phone and the only way to correct it is too replace my phone as I have already been through every possible troubleshooting step. Oh, and I have to pay for the replacement.


    I'm going to swing by the Sprint store later this evening and pickup a new phone which will most certainly not be an iPhone. I'll never purchase another Apple product again after this debacle. Also, I have 5 Apple TV 3's for sale if anyone is interested.

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    Yes, I talked to sprint and apple both, which I might add was a complete waste of time. They basically said that they are not aware of any problems and since my one year warranty was up I have to buy a new phone.  Ya.  You would think that a company as big as Apple would stand behinds there products little better than this after all I've been a loyal iPhone user for a long time now, this Is my 4th iPhone but they don't care.  As for iPhone this will be the last one Ill ever own.

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    Same with me - the problem is definately due to the 7.0.2 software - Sprint implied that when I/we tried for the third time to resolve the issue. They did tell me that they may be able to erase the OS and reinstall but it may make it worse, whatever "worse" could be. I'll give that a go today. If that fails, I am officially a non-Apple consumer from now on. This is ridiculous.

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    I was finally able to resolve the issue after contacting Apple Technical Support

    These are the steps:

              1. Perform backup of my iPhone on My Computer using iTunes.

              2. Turn off Find my iPhone

              3. Erase iPhone and all Settings



              4. Upon reboot, do not sign into your iCloud or iTunes Account.

              5. Set up as new iphone, log into wifi, wait for phone to fully boot as brand new.

              6. Once iPhone notification comes up saying that it is activated, the 3G should be working as it should normally be operating.

              7. Download your iPhone backup back onto your phone.

              8. Everything should be functioning properly!

    Hope this helps!

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    I've done exactly this and it did not resolve my the problem for me.

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    I sent Tim Cook an email yesterday to make him aware of this problem.  Not that it is going to do any good. All they have to do if make an update to fix this.  Problem solved.  But apparently as long as they get your money for the phone they really don't care after that.

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    This worked perfectly! Thanks so much!!

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    seckardt, that worked! BTW, this was with an iPhone 5 purchased with Virgin Mobile (same towers as Sprint). Phone came with 7.0.2 but I quickly updated it to 7.0.4. before really using it at all.


    My symptoms were: worked fine on LTE (on rare times I was in the right area), but otherwise on cell it would mostly show 1X and it generally worked on that (very slowly and sometimes wouldn't work even with strong signal), but whenever it would switch to 3G there was no data whatsoever. Battery was also running down much faster than an 18 month old iPhone 4S. I haven't yet had a chance to see if it's related to this, but some threads online report the same problem, because the phone is struggling back and forth with 1x and 3G so much.


    I backed up and upon restoring without icloud the phone immediately hooked on with 3G and some web surfing demonstrated that it was absolutely working.


    Restored from the backup and now it's holding the 3G easily, still works if I turn Wi-Fi off.


    A TON of people have had this problem with Sprint. Many say their phones worked fine until they hit IOS7 and a few people were able to get new phones with IOS6, then immediately upgrade straight to 7.0.4 and it worked, but your solution worked for me.

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    Seckardt's Sequence just worked for me. Many thanks, glad I never had to call tech support.