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Earler today my iPhone 4S (running on OS 7) crashed on me. My phone directed me to plug into iTunes and when doing that, it went into recovery mode automatically downloded the new OS Update. Sometime beween that my phone "came back to life" and the update was disrrupted, so I unplugged from iTunes and went on my merry way.


A few hours later it crashed again and had to connect back to iTunes. My phone finally updated and then asked me to restore from my most recent backup or set up as new phone, so I selected my most recent backup. After it finished my screen on iTunes went back to the setup page all over again. My phone is working just fine (missing all my photos and messages from the last week, but that's okay) but it keeps going back to the set up screen on iTunes. It's already asked to restore/set up as new phone 3 times already. Also, my iTunes update is current as well. Any help!?

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.2