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Ever since installing iOS7 on both an iPad 4 and iPad 2 the proxy authentication password no longer saves as it did previously with iOS6.

It saves in the WiFI field and works for the session but when you come back to the iPad in the next day or turn the iPad off completely and turn it back on, it is asking for proxy authentication in Safari again. I've noticed that sometimes the value is still saved in the field in the Wifi properties and going back into it and changing a character and changing it back again fixes it for the session again. Sometimes however I've noticed the password field has been completely blanked out!


I also have upgraded to 7.0.2 this weekend on both devices and still no change.


Anyone else experiencing this and know of any fix? I have completely wiped out the settings several times and "forgotten" the Wifi network, manually re-entering all details without success.

iPad, iOS 7.0.2