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I would the remind me later feature to function without rejecting a call.


How can i do that ?


i mean i understand rejecting a call to reply with message, but i dont understand rejecting a call to call back later.


We are in middleeast , and rejecting a call is not a good gesture.


Pls help if any knows a way to use the remind me later feature without rejecting the call.


Same in ios 6 & ios 7





iPhone 4S, iOS 7
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    The "Remind Me Later" is to remind YOU to call back this person. The call still gets rejected. If rejecting a call is not good practice where you live, the only solution I see is to answer the phone. You do realize that one way or another, if you don't answer, the call gets rejected...goes to voicemail.

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    Dear Wjosten,


    I understand ur point. Please consider the below scenario so u can get a clearer picture of my requirement.



    You are in a cinema, your phone rings, u do not want to answer but surely u would like to return the call once ur done from the movie.


    Now if u reject the call, the caller might repeat the call twice or thrice, wondering the reason for rejecting the call.


    But if u just ignore the call( not answering, not rejecting), then the caller will assume that whenever you will see the missed call , you will return the call. Thus, you will not get the 2 or 3 repeated annoying calls if u had rejected them.



    I am sure you understand my point and might have even been through this in real life.


    I sometimes wish if the people here weren't so uptight so I wouldn't have to consider this request.

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    Then use "Respond with Text".


    And, as a matter of courtsey, your phone should be turned OFF in any "Cinema".

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    What if the call was from a land line and you were having dinner, and its an important call.

    I think u got the clear picture, but u just wont admit that i am right.


    Other simpler feature, would be to ignore the call. Then when viewing the call, they should be 2 options, DELETE or MORE, and when you select MORE, they should be a remind me later option. That would be cool , i think.



    Where i live , its allowed to put phones on silent instead of switching them off.