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I am an educator who has been using iPads in the classroom for the last few years. Keynote is a powerful, flexible and easy way of distributing content to the students. You can make slideshows with hyperlinks that can lead students through activities that are informative and still entertaining. However some of these activities run into problems because students can simply pinch out of "play presentation" mode and jump ahead to other sildes.


Is there a way to make Keynote "play only"?


I know that Keynote has added the ability to lock objects to the iOS version of Keynote. and I know that you can make a presentations "hyperlinks only" which can prevent some navigation issues. But is there a way to launch right into play mode that only allows exiting the presentation without seeing the slides?


My feeling is that this is not a feature of Keynote but it seems that is one that is easily added and one that can help Keynote in the classroom imeasureably.