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2 weeks ago I bought a JBL flip speaker to go with my mac book air. from an apple store, it worked fine. Since the Apple system update on friday i cannot get the two to connect, i have disconnected all other devises and rebooted, both are shown on, its the connection that wont happen.

MacBook Air
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    Can anyone advise, the http://support.apple.com/kb/TS5216 update has fixed my camera but my bluetooth still wont connect to my JBL speaker. I would return the speaker to the apple store but im along way from one!

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    Sorry to futher clarify I put the flip in discovery mode, the blue tooth brouses and says 1 device found, but when i click on it, it states, 'this device does not have the necessary services'....even if i try select use as audio.

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    hey i had the same problem just now. what you have to do is is set up the jbl flip as a bluetooth device. so when you go to the bluetooth dropdown menu and pull up "open bluetooth preferences" then check the "on" and "discoverable" boxes. make sure your jbl flip is in pairing mode by holding it down a little bit. then the flip should pop up and connect!