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Dear users and makers of these bulky adapters.


I would have to say that the people who designed and manufactured these ridiculous looking adapters must have not considered the fact that there are people who become very inconsiderate when it comes to plugging into a power supply at a public place. Because the receiver prongs for those adapters are built in the actual adapter. And basically, they take up the whole space of the outlet just so that the charger itself can stay on the wall, preventing anyone else from ever having access to a needed power supply. In my opinion it is selfish. I have experienced such an inconvenient moment myself and it frustrates me. But, when I do plug in my non-apple laptop to the power source, I always am considerate to YOU apple users, that use these "brick" chargers, by plugging in the bottom outlet. Just so that the potential selfish schmuck who comes near where I am seated, plug into the outlet I am using and plug their charger at the top.


And for some personal giggles, I use the bottom outlet simply because the overbearing weight and the position of the built in receiver prongs would cause the brick of an adapter to simply fall out and crash hard to the floor. It is quite entertaining, to be honest.


So my suggestion to the designers and makers of these bulky brick chargers, please put more thought for the general public as to the bounds of consideration for others and discontinue those very chargers and design something that will not classify the population of apple users as "selfish". Make something that will not consume space at a power outlet. but conserve it for those who want to access the outlet as well.   Thank you

Magsafe Adapter
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    You realize that the power adapters all come with both a 3 prong cord and the 2 prong plug attachments?  The inconsiderate users you refer to have simply decided to do away with the provided cord.  I, personally, keep both with me at all times.

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    Oh no, I have not forgotten about the attachments that these chargers have. It is just that 1 person out of every ten people that I have seen, in my experience, would use the attachments. As for the rest, they don't use the attachment. Instead they use the Magsafe charger directly without the attachment. I mean, I am sure that if you were to be somewhere and you needed a place to charge your device, you look around and see that there are people who have those very chargers and are not using the attachments, you would be a bit frustrated to see that they are hogging up the space.



    And I actually have more respect for those who use the attachments. Because, in my opinion, they are thinking of other people who need a place for their devices.