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I plugged in my iPhone 4 to do a sync this afternoon.  I got the message that there was a software update.  Sadly, I've updated to the crappy iOS7, so I chose to install the update (which I think is 7.0.2.)  The update was downloaded, and was loading to my iPhone.  I suddenly received an error that my iPhone couldn't update.  I think it had an error code of 411. My iTunes refreshed, and is now not showing that it recognized my phone.  Now the only thing I can get to show up on my screen is a graphic of the iTunes icon, and an arrow directing me to plug in my phone.  When I do this, a message appears that iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode and that I must restore this phone before it can be used with iTunes.  I don't want to perform a restore.  I will lose all my data.  So, why did this error?  How can I fix my iPhone without doing a restore?

iPhone 4, iOS 7.0.2