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I want to install bootcamp on my Macbook Pro. It's a late 2011 13 inch. I have mountain lion. I followed instructions to make the option for making a version install disk on a usb stick from an iso image of windows 7. Well, the bootcamp process seemed to be working fine until it got to the point where it automatically restarted to install windows and a black screen with white text came up that said "No bootable device - insert boot disk and press any key" although my usb with the boot disk was in my computer and it wouldn't let me press any key.


Also, Important. I know how to use the option key and get back to my OSX hard drive. That is not the issue. the issue is that I can't seem to make my usb bootable. Or something like that. I'm not the most tech savvy person ever, fyi.

When I go into disk utility and go to info on my usb which I made into a windows partition thing using boot camp, it says Bootable: No. I'm assuming it needs to be YES in order to boot from it... how do I make it bootable? Shouldn't it have done that in boot camp assistant?


I hope that made sense. I have tried with multiple usbs. Nothing seems to work. I tried pvram reset, someone suggested that. Didn't work. repaired disks, etc.


Please help, I am at a loss and very frustrated!

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    Your Macbook Pro has an internal DVD drive and does not support a USB installation.


    Burn your Windows iso on to a DVD and install from the internal DVD drive of your MacBook Pro.

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    I followed instructions to make it so that it would work, at least it worked with other people who had an internal dvd drive.


    I guess I'll try to burn the iso onto a dvd, I didn't know that would work. Not sure how to do it though..