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    Hi Starkeeper:


    Today I decided to update my iPhone to IOS 7.   Everything seemed okay......that is, until I started playing one of my games. 

    The character's voice was terribly scratchy and seemed to be on speed! (talking wicked fast!)

    I was a bit upset, thinking that I really screwed it up - but, did a google search, which brought me to right here to your 10/15/2013 fix


    THANK YOU very much for your help! I shouldn't have updated, but I did. 

    I'm very grateful that your solution helped to fix my problem.


    Peace to you and yours,


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    Thank you for writing.  Glad my solution worked for you.  I too am always hesitant on updates, so now I wait a little while before I do it, so some of the bugs are worked out.  MOST of the time the updates are SUPPOSED to be better for us.  (*+^)

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    My iPad mini has the same problem with sound. I'm a teacher and I useit in my classroom,so it is very inconvenient! I too experienced the degrade in sound quality after an update. It reared its head when I needed the sound during a meeting! The next update rectified the problem. Then, most recently, OS 8.1.2 has brought it back to scratchy. It's not the speakers because it is the same poor quality through earbuds. It seems like ever since Steve Jobs died, Apple quality has been deteriorating. He was such a perfectionist. I just got the iphone6 and the sleep button on the side is stupid and awkward, for example. I just hope the next OS fixes the iPad mini sound issue and it isn't a ploy to push people into upgrade.

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    Thank you to everyone in this discussion. I applied all the troubleshooting tips suggested - blowing out the open parts, turning Siri on and off, checking the settings, etc. Basically I fiddled with everything that had to do with sound. Then I completely powered it off. I guess you could call that a re-boot? The sound is much clearer now. Not perfect, but good enough. Thanks again!

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