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This has happened in the last 2-3days that I have noticed, everything is ok after i get to work and i've been there for a few hrs about 3-4. When I go take my break, my notes have litterly dissapeared, like all my notes from Dec 2011 till now have gone, i can't create an event from my notes, I go to Calender and my + sign has been disabled, I go to Settings, iCloud, and all the options for my account has been litterly been disabled, no one has touched it, not even accidental touch within my pocket, even with photo sharing, those 2 options to enable & disable, they were too disabled, even my backup iCloud has disbled, even my Find My iPhone has disabled.


Is there a Glitch withn iOs 7.0.2? There is no way that my pockect would have ever done this, not even to get passed my lock screen, there is nothing in my pocket except for regular cloths fuzz, so how is this possible? Anyone else havn this problem?


And I wouldn't touch my iPod during work hrs bc I work with SeaFood, I cut, pick up fresh fish, Shrimp, even cooked live lobster, and ice lobster legs, so how is this even possible?

iPod touch (5th generation), Windows 7, iOS 7,0,2
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    You said" all the options for my account has been litterly been disabled,". What do you mean? Are they gray?

    If you go to Settings>General>Restrictions is the Restriction for changing accounts set?

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    Not grayed out but switched off, I checked out my resrtictions which are on but since upgrading from 6 to 7, it didn't kept it but still have my restrictions to set, after the upgrade even the apps i had restricted to use allow/disallow my location went from Don't Allow Changes to Allow Changes but kept my apps the same i had them when I set it to Don't Allow Changes. The apps i had disallow to use my location are still disabled and along with my allow enabled apps.


    I just made that disabled and hopefully by tonight not all my Setting>iCloud won't turn off


    Like to check my iCloud mail while I'm on break but I can't bc Settings>iCloud went off, like I didnt own account, even my iCloud backup went disable, not greyed out but off. I like to use the recent notes I made but I cant bc that too went off as well, turn them back on, go back to notes but doesn't show, when I finnaly fixed all my icloud account, after work, go home, connectted to wifi, and get my stuff back.


    Its ennoying.



    All the enable listed here including iCloud backup went off/disabled waiting to be re-enabled.

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    Checked my icloud for the past few days since that day and it been fine until yesterday and today that my iOS 7.0.2 it playing with my settings besides the drop loging out of facebook, viggle, email, but i went to my icloud settings, and 'Find My iPhone' got turned off, i went back to the settings dashview and back into iCloud and went back to on, but that was yesterday, hrs later of yesterday, it is still on.


    Today, it is completely off but my restrictions is still set to keep that on and not let it change, guess what, it is off and i had to go to Resrtictions>Locations Services and the Find My iPhone said Off, the Status Bar Icon is still on. I go back and changed it to Allow Changes so I can switch it back On


    but this time i wasnt at work and was at home, due to later posting this, had to go out with my brother and buy cat food, went to taco bell, then to work





    Even thou this is'nt proof bc simply anyone can turn it off and reapply and me waisting this whole time but this really is happening to me, no one touches my iPod except me and im not turning it off either, just wish it stops.