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I just updated iTunes to the latest version about four days ago and am running Windows 7 64 bit.


Whenever I play a podcast episode, the iTunes UI freezes. The audio starts to play correctly, but I can't click on anything, the icon representing the progression through the track doesn't advance, and I can't even move the window around. This lasts for usually ten seconds, but sometimes longer. This seems to happen every time I play a podcast, but not with songs or videos.


This is particularly infuriating because now, since updating, iTunes automatically plays the next podcast episode when the previous one finishes (which I can't figure out how to turn off, any suggestions on that would be appreciated also) and generally I don't want to hear the next episode so I try to hit pause as soon as it starts, but it freezes and I can't, so I'm stuck listening to 10-30 seconds of the next episode before I can do anything about it besides muting my speakers.


Similarly just clicking 'podcasts' from the top left drop down library menu also causes iTunes to freeze for a few seconds. Again this doesn't happen when I click 'music' or 'tv programmes' or 'apps,' only Podcasts. Again this doesn't affect audio playing but the UI becomes completely unusable for about nine seconds. 


This never happened to me before this version of iTunes. Any suggestions?

Windows 7