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I have an iPhone 5S running IOS 7.  Siri accurately creates time-based reminders and location-based reminders.  However, only time-based reminders give me a reminder tone/vibration.  Location-based reminders do not give me any reminder.


Location-based reminders worked fine with my iPhone 4S and IOS 6.


Both my phones use Verizon.


Senior Advisors at AppleCare deny the existence of a problem, but are unable to correct the situation.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.2
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    In iOS7, currently, location-based reminders won't fire if the Reminders app is explicitly terminated by the user. That is if the user removes it from the Multi-Tasking application list (brought up with a double-press of the Home button).

    Also, Background App Refresh needs to be on for Reminders for location-based reminders to fire.


    So, in order to have location-based reminders to work on iOS7, you need:

    - Reminders to be either in the foreground or in the background (after launching Reminders, you can press the Home button and use other apps)

    - The general switch under Settings > General > Background App Refresh set to ON

    - The Reminders switch under Settings > General > Background App Refresh set to ON

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    In iOS 7 location based Reminders no longer function unless the Reminders app is running in the background.



    If I ask Siri to remind me of things when I arrive or leave a location she confirms the request by saying "Here is the reminder for when you get home, should I create it?"  I then confirm and she says ,"I'll remind you". She doesn't mention that Reminders needs to be active in order to remind me.



    If this is intended behavior in iOS 7 this is a major step backward in terms of intuitive functionality and ease of use. I mean, I'm asking Siri to remind me of stuff because I'm probably not going to remember to do something. Why should I have to additionally remember to have Reminders running in the background to receive a Reminder notification? Very counter intuitive.



    Steps that I have taken to try and resolve issue:

    • Restore as new iPhone and manually install all apps

    • Make sure that Siri is accessing my correct home and office location through my contact information.

    • Made sure Reminder is in my Notification Center and all notifications types are turned on in the Notification Center

    • Make sure the Do Not Disturb feature is not running either manually or scheduled

    • Make sure Siri is on and has "my info" correct

    • Make sure Background App Refresh is on and that it is turned on for Reminders

    • Make sure a sound has been selected for Reminders in the Sounds settings

    • Make sure Location Services are turned on gloabally and that it is turned on for Reminders and Siri specifically.

    • Make sure all System Services are turned on

    • Make sure I have cell signal when I arrive at places I am supposed to be reminded at



    Still doesn't work!!

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    Also of interest:

    It's typically unnecessary to force an application to close unless the app is unresponsive. You can view all recently used apps by double-clicking the Home button. These apps are not open; they are in a suspended state.
    Additional Information
    If you close an app that has been configured to receive background notifications, it will no longer receive them until it has been reopened."


    "If you close an app multitasking interface, it won't be able to refresh in the background.”

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    I am having the same issue that the original post spoke of. I have just reviewed the settings on my iPhone and determined that both of the settings that you spoke of are correctly turned on. However the problem persists. Every time I set a reminder to remind me of something when I arrive at a location (that IS in my address book) as soon as I go back to the remider home screen the location reminder shows up at first, then within seconds clears.

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    Well, there you have it. It was a bug. In iOS 7.1 Apple fixed the location based Reminders. Users no longer need to have the Reminders app running in the background for location based reminders to fire off.