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    I just bought my new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2 months ago and the old ios software was working just fine, the bluetooth would pair with my car no problem. Ever since I updated to this ios7 software ive had no luck what so ever connecting it with my car or any other device because the bluetooth software is too advanced for my UConnect software in my new car! Why would you release an update and not make sure that the blue tooth software works with every bluetooth device!!?? The Bluetooth software I had before was working just fine. Now Ive been told that I have to wait a month or more to even get a solution to this problem. Uconnect is saying that " An ETA software update can not be determined at this time". Apple is saying they are aware there is a problem with the bluetooth software and also have no ETA as to when this problem will be fixed. Get your crap together Apple, this update has caused nothing but problems for me phone! For software that is so post to be better and new, its acting like its old and slow!

iPhone 4, iOS 7.0.2, Bluetooth connection problems