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Hello i have recently updated to mountion lion 10.8.5 but the problem is everything works except my photobooth .facetime... and other video/ camera options ...

tried resetting the smc...taking the battery out ..etc and i also know it isnt a hardware problem because it was working just fine before the update..Is anyone else having this same problem?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)
  • iheartapple1970 Level 3 Level 3

    if you've done an SMC reset and the issue still persists in all the applications that use the internal camera there may be a hardware issue.


    you need to see if the internal camera is listed in the system profile:


    click on black apple, about this mac, more info, system report and under the hardware section. click on USB look to the left and make sure the HD facetime camera is showing up there if it's not the mac needs serviced so take to apple store or service provider to have it looked at for repair.

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    yes i have also looked in system profiler and didnt see it listed there neither,...but im confused because before i updated to 10.8.5 my camera worke perfectly

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    and i also looked in different forums but alot of ppl had been having the same problem but it seemed they had macbook air but i didnt really see people with the macbook pro so i think its a software problem