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I can't locate the icon for the Music app on any of the home screens or in any folders in iTunes.  I'd like to move the icon to page #1.  If I search on the iPhone 5, I CAN launch the app, but can't find its icon.


I frequently wish I could locate an app's icon from the iPhone among the hundreds I have, without using iTunes.  I've yet to find a way to do this other than scrolling through every page and folder.


I've been Googling and reading for almost 2 hours.


I installed a GM release of iOS7 from a pointer on LifeHacker PRIOR to the official release date.  I've since updated the iPhone to the latest update of iOS7 successfully - 7.0.2 (11A501)  I mention this, in case anyone believes this is the cause.  I don't know how I'd go about reinstalling iOS7 from scratch the official way.  All my device backups at this point, are of the GM, yet pre-release version of 7.


iTunes is 11.1(126).  The device hs been rebooted, so too, the iMac running OS X, ML.


Thanks in advance!

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.2, iTunes 11.1
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    Hello WinOrLose,


    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities!

    It sounds like you are unable to find the Music app icon, but it does appear in a search.

    You did the same things I would have started with by using iTunes to try and find it in the home screens, and restarting the phone.

    You may need to backup your device to iTunes and then restore it.

    iOS: How to back up and restore your content



    When you restore from a backup even if its from when you had the GM build, it will not restore the GM build so it will not revert to that.


    All the very best,


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    I'm glad you responded Sterling.  Thanks!


    Anyone, any other suggestions?


    A backup and restore did not fix the problem.  I did learn that NONE of the Apple apps are searchable from iTunes 11.1 (barring user error) - but they are visible in the home screens and folders view in iTunes.  Is this by design?!  I can't see what benefit that would have.  In my case, it's the opposite of benefit.


    I still can't locate the Music app icon so I can move it for easier access.  Is it a hidden icon for some reason?  I can search for the Music app on the iPhone and launch it, Siri is aware of it, but I never see its icon! So frustrating.


    Although my phone still reports  OS: 7.0.2 (11A501), the backup & restore gives me confidence I don't have an issue related to running iOS7 GM a few days early, because now I'm running the publicly released OS - A backup and restore while the phone is connected to ithe publicly released version of Tunes 11.1 ensures that. Right?



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    I have the same problem on my iPad 3 with iOS 7.0.2.  No Music app icon!


    I tried the same backup and restore and that does not fix the problem.

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    I upgraded my girlfriends iPhone 4S to the same version of the OS, using the same upgrade process with the same computer and version of iTunes, and she HAS the music icon. 

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    Is there a way to cross-post this issue in other groups?  If there is a way to cross-post, what groups would you recommend?





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    For anyone like me who refered to this thread to see if there was an answer...

    I had the exact same issue, for me the problem was that I had put all the preloaded apps into one shortcut and did not realise that there was a second tab to the shortcuts now.


    Which meant the app was there, searchable but not visable to me until I went into the shortcut and flipped pages.


    Super obvious but maybe other people did the same thing.

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    When you say Shortcut, are you talking about Folders?  I've looked at all Folders and their related pages via iTunes, still without luck.  Thanks for the suggestion though!



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    This problem was fixed by me going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout.  The Music icon returned along with all un-deletable system apps.  It was a pain though, because I'd spent a LOT of time organizing over 875 apps.


    Yes, I'm an Appaholic.  They give you the first one free, then another, soon you can't stop. Sometimes your only option is to pay for the in-app purchases - which is just how they planned it.


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    No goodbyes, I'll be seeing you again.  mwahaha...

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    Thank you for the update WinOrLose!

    Glad to know you are good to go