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I'm missing a basic concept on iCal Server i think.


I just want to publish a single calendar to the public from the server, not from the local client; with NO passwords.


Calendars exist on the iCal Server on 10.8.5 using login credentials from Open Directory where users

can create calendars, share calendars, etc.


When you go to the Web site, it first asks for your login and password.


How do i link a calendar to a public location, or make a calendar publicly accessible?


Thanks in advance


Tim Far

OSX Server, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)

OSX Server, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)
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    So with no responses to the above question, I've had to rtfm...


    It appears from my reading of the somewhat limited documentation on iCal Server on 10.8.5, since I have chosen

    to apply security to the Wiki's and Calendars to use OD on the server; I cannot open a public viewable Calendar along side the secured ones.  ( I may certainly be wrong, but I haven't been able to find out how.)


    So I took an easier approach, as I wanted 1 public calendar viewable and subscribable by the public.

    The local iCal server will be used privately for local secure business, while the Public calendar will be

    maintained on the local Admin's desktop, then shared publicly to Google calendars, where I set up a simple secure acount.  This gives me 4 benefits.

    1. A public viewable webpage of the calendar - for those with iCal or iPhone (droid population, or browsers)

    2. An dot.ics subscribable link  for those with iPhones, iCal compatibe calendars

    3. An embedded link for our education web site, to show the Public calendar inline on our own website.

    4. The ability to publish to said Google calendar , from the locally managed desktop.


    This may have been obvious, or not; and potentially othe ways of accomplishing the same,


    Any thoughts or goctcha's ?


    Thanks in advance.