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I cannot connect to any wi-fi network. My wif- is working at home, I am connected right now to the wi-fi with my computer, but this phone wont connect to any network at all.  I have read the recommended steps posted on this website. I have tried rebooting, resetting the network connections, etc. I tried manually entering the name of the network and the screen says "cannot scan for wireless networks".  I have had this problem since upgrading the operating system a few days ago.   Nothing is working and this is very frustrating. 

iOS 7.0.2
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    After being to the apple store twice, trying various restore attempts and a host of other things. I have found out the phone is screwed because of the apple update.  I ended up losing content, losing the ability to connect to wifi, so lost the ability to get my cloud backups, lost my ability to get my work email as well and that is that. I have spent hours dealing with this now.  Apple store told me I should just upgrade my phone to a 5 when my contract is up cause there is nothing they can do. If I had known all of this would have happened I would never have updated.  The guy at the apple store told me he didnt do the update on his phone because of all the issues with it. Thanks Apple.  Thanks for sending out a system upgrade that really downgrades our phones and ****** us off.  My time is valuable as is all the data that is lost.  I am royally ****** off. You have lost my loyalty.  I might just upgrade to some other type of phone instead of an iphone.