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Hi Guys,


We use ical for our business used daily and have it syncing across 6 devices, with each person having a diary colour. Yesterday an old member of staff went in to the ical icloud and deleted the individual diaries, so we now have no diaries in the icloud. Normally we could restore from our imac but the time machine was unplugged as the mac was moved a few days ago.


We currently have an ipad which hadnt used the diary and we put into airplane mode and managed to make a hard (excel) copy of the diary, a lenghty process.


Can anyone help to whether we have to re-input the dates manually or can you sync/export the diary back to the cloud from the ipad (whilst in airplane mode) or will it overwrite the empty diary back over the ipad calendar when i plug it in?


Thanks for any help or advice in advance.