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Hi All,


I've been creating instructional videos for a youtube series and have been negligent in getting an external hard drive to store the files on. During the latest video compilation, I was almost done compiling the last clip into the project and I got a message that my iMac hard drive is full.  I've known that I should have gotten an external drive for my movie files for some time now and just kept putting it off because life is so busy, so this is all my fault, but at this point I need to actually take care of the issue. So my questions:


- I have heard that using a Firewire 800 drive on this machine would be preferable to using USB, but would like confirmation on this before ordering/purchasing.


- If anybody has recommendations on specific drives for this purpose, feel free to recommend them! I only have cursory knowledge of such things. My backup drive is a 2TB Western Digital drive that works fine, but something like that might not be the best thing for movies.


- Once I purchase the drive, how can I move my FCPX files to it (including the current project) and still be able to edit this last project? I don't quite yet understand the concept of "proxy media".


Any and all help appreciated, as always!

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