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I have updated my iPhone 4s 32gig to the newest iOS7 version, and updated iTunes on my iMac to the most recent version.  I have ample extra space on the phone for the amount of music and video I want to sync.  I'm plugging the phone into the computer during this sync process rather than WiFi.  The sync works through the backups to the computer and the apps, but as soon as it gets to the portion where it would transfer music it immediately goes to "canceling sync" and will sit there indefinitely.  I have rebooted the computer, hard booted the phone (home + Power) but nothing changes.  It just hangs up and I have an iPhone that was working perfectly pre-"upgrade" that no longer does what it's supposed to.


Additional details:

I am set up for automatic syncing of playlists and a few albums rather than manually managing music.

When I upgraded the iPhone, I deleted the music and movies from the phone to make room for the iOS7 rather than removing the music through a sync process.


Any ideas or is this just a "wait until Apple figures out there is a problem" type of thing?

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.2
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