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  • johnsondragon Level 1 Level 1

    Hey guys. I've been messing around with this as well and I think I have a solution. Make sure that those files that have the red dot aren't AAC files. The Ipod can't read MP3 files, so that's one reason why those songs are like that. Convert those files before you sync them. Also, with those songs that have the red dot you should delete those songs from your Ipod using the Ipod's delete function. Then go into Itunes and sync the music that you want on there. You can do a factory reset, but I don't think it actually helps much at all. Try this and let me know what happens okay?

  • Connie Hawkins42 Level 1 Level 1

    That ain't he problem.


    I believe this is an ios7 problem due to more crap code from apple.

  • itsgoco Level 1 Level 1

    It has nothing to do with AAC in my case (I've tried everything, trust me). It seems to be a problem within iOS7. Here's the solution that I've posted in another thread that's related to this problem;


    Hey guys!

    I actually found a solution that's worked for me twice (so far). After trying everything, it seems to be easier than I thought. No need to restore via backup or anything. Beforehand, I've tried unchecking music, rechecking, turning off wifi sync, restoring purchases after a failed music sync, restoring, etc, etc. You name it.


    Here's my solution that might work for the majority of everyone.

    1. Plug your iPhone into your computer, then go into iTunes.
    2. uncheck your music sync under the music tab in iTunes so all of it gets taken off your phone.
    3. After you sync it, and all of your songs are off (Shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes). Go on your iPhone, then Settings - General - go all the way to the bottom where it says Reset - Reset all settings
    4. This should just reset your settings, but it won't remove any of your data, messages, home icon/folder locations, contacts, photos, etc.
    5. After it's done resetting, and your phone restarts, go to your itunes, and sync again.
    6. After it's done syncing, recheck your music sync under the music tab on itunes (You don't have to reselect your playlists, etc)
    7. Sync your phone, and voila! Your music should sync back. It's worked for me twice after numerous attempts at other solutions.


    (Note, when you reset all settings, you just need to add back your wallpaper, passcodes, and location services after you sync your music back on. It acts like you're deleting cookies off of your browser. Nothing gets deleted).


    Hopefully this works for some of you that continue to have problems. It only takes me about 30 minutes to resync everything back in if the problem comes up in my playlist with 1,900 songs (so it's a hassel unchecking and rechecking each song that has a problem D: )

  • Zonaken Level 1 Level 1

    I am really really really getting sick of spending my evenings and weekends online hunting for fixes to Apple products!

    That sort of defeats the purpose of why I spent double on all of my Apple products in the first place...


    I think there must be at least 2-months of complaints on this thread alone, and when you do a search on this subject, there are numerous other threads and links, many people seem to be having the same unsuccessful experiences at repairing the problems.

    All due respect to other posters, but I'm very dissappointed that the only help on these matters has to come from non-Apple lay people.

    And where are all of the Apple techs on this APPLE SUPPORT site?!?!?!?!

    All I hear are crickets...


    I'm right on the verge of purchasing new phones and computer, but am deliberately holding off due to the now commonly chronic iOS & Maverick bugs that Apple is forcing their users to resolve on their own.

    Come on Apple, get your act together!

    I'd like to listen to my music I purchased again, without reprogramming the space station...

  • Gemgang5 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm sure Apple has already found the solution.  They just aren't sharing it unless you pay them more big bucks!

  • JEM24 Level 4 Level 4

    I know this is frustrating as all (explicative here) and your having a bit of a moan, but, you did read the replies... right? There are at least 3 fixes listed in here and in good "how to" detail. 1. Simple reset, done a couple different ways but a reset just the same. 2. Connecting to iTunes unsync your phone's library then resync the phone. 3. Full restore. Here too it's been done a couple of ways, both from backup and from new. When the restore is complete go to your libraries and add back your stuff from the backup copies. That's really about it. About the only thing I haven't seen is a DFU recovery backup, but that's a different issue. The method with the most eureka moments seems to be #2. Just remember to make backup copies of your stuff, libraries, lists etc to your computer's iTunes library before you attempt anything. Stuff happens, especially if you do full restore to new--  you will lose stuff otherwise. It's been the same with iPods and iPads, some fixes seem to work the first run through and some have stated you need to repeat it a couple of times to make it work. Not trying to getting on anybody's case here, but take a deep breath and remember, we're all uses in this forum, and we are trying to help each other, Good luck.

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    This is just stupid!!! I now have a sync issue where the purchased songs wont mmove across to i[od as apparently it is in the wrong format. Now I have heard it all! I purchased them on itunes! ***! My purchased music now does not move from itunes...great!

  • Rockettman23 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for your calm reply. Honestly, there is no true solution other than purchasing iTunes match. Every time I connect my ipod touch to itunes it removes a different cd I have loaded into iTunes and/or removes purchased songs saying they are in an incorrect format or do not exist, even though I can see the song in my library and suddenly the song is in the list but am unable to play it...Even from the is this possible as I have not deleted it! This is the most frustrating version I have ever experienced in my years with Apple. Is this the future? If so, I think im done with Apple. What is even better....I sent them an email before I started this string in the community discussions and I have not heard anything frrom Apple support. Great customer experience and the best customer service I have ever witnessed. Im loving Apple right now! So much so I am heading into Samsung tomorrow to see what their players can do...i think I am just about done with this brand.

  • JEM24 Level 4 Level 4

    Which iPod, IOS and iTunes are you working with? I'm working with an iPod 5 64g, IOS 7.0.4, iTune 11.1.3. Shortly after upgrade to 7.0.4 developed the the red circle and square. First it was one album then every one I attempted to play. Looking at the threads in the iPod forum most people have cleared it with connecting iPod (this is a 5 mind you) to iTunes via cable, unchecking sync music, clear there iPod, then resyncing the music library to the iPod. Note this method didn't clear my issue. What did do it was a full restore to new iPod. First made sure I had backup copies of all my libraries, music, video, pictures, etc. Then via cable connected to iTunes and clicked Restore iPod. Jump through all the hoops, when prompted to restore as new iPod, just like it was the first iPod ever fresh out of the box and jumped through all the hoops. When all was finished added my stuff from the copies made in iPhoto, iTunes, etc. so far has been working. Your stuff you purchased from iTunes should have a record of purchase and a copy of your purchased stuff should still be there for you to get a copy if needed put back to where library. The CD's if truly lost you can always reload, if you have to. I've load well over 200 CD's no issues, outside of a few CD's missing artwork, because there out of print and Apple doesn't have it, but that's an easy grab and put. When you load the CD's are you using Apple Lossless Encoder settings Automatic with error correction on? when you load / sync the music from your library to the iPod did you check 128kbps compression, if not do it, the iPod is optimized for that rate. I don't understand why you need imatch, don't use icloud either. Give it a try, Hang in there and good luck!

  • tsbrown3 Level 1 Level 1

    All you need to do is connect your iPhone to your computer, go onto iTunes, go in your iPhone settings, under summary you will see a section called "Backups." Click on back up now and it will probably tell you that you need to transfer music to your computer. Click transfer and let it transfer those problem songs to your iTunes. Then you should be good! Hope this helps


    Also, I do not have iTunes Match

  • Connie Hawkins42 Level 1 Level 1

    That's not the point—and btw those three solutions do not work for everyone—the point is that Apple clearly has (another) software issue, in this case their frickin' operating system (ios7) has a conflict with one of their core products (iTunes, for god's sake) and"


    1.  they haven't fixed it after months!




    2.  their tech support people who answer the phone have no idea how to fix it.


    Seriously, do you think *customers* should have do unsync and then resync their iPhones and iPads every few weeks?


    This is a basic function that should not require a work-around.








    p.s. In my case, I found that rather than doing a re-set, it's best to:


    1.  uncheck "sync music" to wipe it off your computer


    2.  on your device to to "storage" and then delete the music from there.  (Yup, double-delete: belt and suspenders!)


    3.  then restart both your mobile device and computer and then go and re-check all the playlists.


    4.  then curse the fact that Apple clearly doesn't give a **** about you.

  • JEM24 Level 4 Level 4

    Connie... I'm with you here, but I'm not Apple, just another user like yourself, trying to help with what worked for me; and resyncing does seem to work for most, but not all. If you have comments / suggestions for Apple go to "Contact Us" at the bottom of this page and tell Apple. (And I agree it a pain that shouldn't be! One more thing; remember to keep comments professional, OK.)

  • AlanaK168 Level 1 Level 1

    I think I've synced my iPhone 100 times. No changes I make to my music are mirrored on my phone.

  • AlanaK168 Level 1 Level 1

    That didn't work for me. I back up my phone often and it didn't tell me to transfer anything.

  • caitli94 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi guys, I've had similar issues. I have an iphone 4s (I only got the hand set in about September this year because I broke the one before and replaced it) and I upgraded to ios7 pretty much the day it came out, no issues and really liked the redesign. Everything was peachy actually until a few weeks ago when after a sync some of my songs had the red downloading circle next to them, included an entire album I had just bought the CD for and had ripped to my iphone (I had played this album fine on my phone before the sync).


    Anyway over the following weeks I have been experiencing issues with memory, downloading from the itunes store on my phone, buying from the itunes store on my laptop and discovering more unplayable songs.

    I tried restoring the phone to a November backup, didn't help.

    I also tried to remove all the music to resync but while my itunes was showing the music has been removed, my entire library was still on my phone. I already have my songs set to convert to 128 kbps due to past syncing issues from my ipod touch, so I knew that wasn't an issue.


    Then I decided to do a full factory setting restore so I went into summary on the itunes panel and clicked "Backup Now" so I could restore it afterwards. When I started the backup, it started syncing all the broken songs. Now all the songs that could not be played are working fine and I am also now able to remove and add songs/playlists through itunes where it wasn't working before.


    This might not work for everyone but give it a shot if, like me, every other solution possible has been tried and just made it worse.

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