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I'm really a dinosaur when it comes to all this technology and therefore need help from the community to explain the Time Capsule.


I was looking for a way to backup my macbook pro and rather than buying an external hard drive for nearly 700gb and probably weeks of backing up my system, I noticed the Time Capsule and thought that this would be the way to go - wirelessly. The thing I'm not too clear on is how to set the whole thing up. I understand that I will be provided with a cable to attach to my mac and that it will take the best part of a day to backup the 700gb. The thing I'm not sure about is how this relates to my bt homehub router and if it should be attached to it in some way. Can anyone explain wthout blowing my mind? Many thanks in anticipation :-)

MacBook Pro
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    Thanks NaughtyApple, it's the airport/time capsule that I was interested in and this link helps with that. As you can imagine, £250 for a backup drive is kinda steep and I wondered what else could be done with it besides backing up my system. However, still not sure if it integrates with the homehub router in any way but I'll keep researching.


    Thanks again.

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    Your HH needs to still be the main router for the network.. so you connect the TC to it in bridge mode.


    Just select bridge in the airport utility.




    Plug the TC WAN port into HH LAN port with ethernet.


    To do your first backup you will need another ethernet cable.. they are cheap.. go and buy a patch cable of suitable length if you don't own one.

    After the first backup.. then the rest can be handled ok over wireless.


    With the TC in bridge you can setup wireless to create a wireless network..

    Now you can opt for a number of different ways to do it.. eg.

    1. Turn off the HH wireless and just use the TC.


    2. Leave the HH wireless on and use the TC with a different wireless name.. this is also fine.


    3. Set the TC with the same wireless name as the HH and same security setting and password.. this is called roaming. It is good for the HH and TC to be some distance  apart with a long ethernet or perhaps EOP adapters between them.


    I recommend you setup the TC as per option 2 above..


    Use all names that are short, no spaces and pure alphanumeric.


    Name the TC.. eg Tardis (being a time traveller it only makes sense)

    Name the 2.4ghz wireless Tardis24

    I recommend you set a different name for 5ghz.. at least to start with. Tardis5


    Now you also setup security, WPA2 Personal. Password of 10-20 characters pure alphanumeric.. but mix case and numbers.


    Now you can select 5ghz for your computer and see if it works properly.


    This is the most stable setup.. You can use automatic bands and just call wireless Tardis and let everything do its bit.. but if you run into trouble .. be a control freak and set up manually.

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    Now you've blown my mind


    Thanks for the information but I'll take a little while to digest it and I WILL get back to you.


    Thanks again.

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    Hi Paryplannerdiva,


    Did you get your setup running? In fact, I'm in similar situation as you were in (hopefully). Before following the above suggestions by LaPastenague, I would like to have your feedback.


    Many thanks to LaPatenague for providing instructions in such a simple and comprehensive way.


    Looking forward to your feedback.


    Best regards,

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    Hi iqhamid,


    I'm afraid I've been ill since posting my question in October and therefore have not managed to purchase or set up the Time Capsule as suggested by LaPastenague. Hopefully I will get everything sorted in the next few months but I'm afraid that doesn't help you any.


    LaPastenague certainly seems to know what he's about so I wish you well in your attemps and please let me know how you get on so when I'm ready to enter the 'macbook/router/time capsule world' again, I will also have your experience to help me.


    Best regards,





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    I am currently having a similar problem. My TC and by hub work just fine and I use the TC as the wi-FI and it all works fine. However, I cannot get BT sport or other premium channels through the TC and I have to plug in the bt HH. Will bridging solve this problem, I.e. Having them both on. if so could you please give some basic instructions .


    many thanks in advance.

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    Getting channels through even in bridge may not be possible..


    The actual media is assigned from a different adsl channel to a specific port of the HH.. and that cannot be messed with.


    But you can have the HH as your main router and just put the TC in bridge.. as shown above select the TC in airport utility.. cllick on edit and go to the network tab and change it to Off (bridge mode) exactly as the picture above.. but you have to connect to the wireless or the ethernet port of the HH to get the TV channels.

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    So basically link the TC to the HH via an Ethernet cable and put. The TC into bridge mode. Will the wireless still come from the TC (far better) or the BT HH ?

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    You can use wireless from the TC but I do not think you will get your TV channels to play over the TC wireless.. I cannot say for sure because it depends on the setup of the HH.. but most of the situations I see the setup is very specific.

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    It worked, eventually thanks for the tip. I deleted the wireless network and set up a new one and then set the TC to bridge mode. I connected the TC to th BT HH a via an Ethernet cable and then put the box into the back of the HH.


    Thanks again