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    Safari crashes frequently on my iPad Air. I had the device replaced at apple store but happens as well on new one. So, it must be am ios7 bug. Had a similar problem on my old iPad1, after loading a new iOS (I forget which version.) I finally replaced the device when it became clear that resets wouldn't solve the problem. But, this is worse since I'm using the latest device, so can't blame it on "old" device capacity not enough for new iOS. I have read that ios7 is optimized for the new phones but not new iPads. But ridiculous that a basic function like safari is so buggy. Hopefully, apple will release a fix. But, it happens with the relentless pressure from customers and Wall Street for regular upgrades both iOS and devices.

  • psmyth Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    It's ironic and humorous that Apple is apparently so clueless to this issue that they replaced a new iPad Air. Must be nobody talking to each other around the Apple ecosystem.

    I've had a couple of crashes on the Apple Store website! Ha!

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    I would bet that it's much easier for them to just blame the issue on one supposedly faulty iPad, rather than admit there are serious operating system flaws. Could you imagine someone taking a brand new iPad in and having the  support Genius say, "Oh your iPad isn't faulty... All devices running. iOS 7 have this problem."?

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    This kind of reminds of when Apple released the iPhone 4, issues with the antenna and also the issue with the sensor which would cause accidental hanging  up own people. Steve Jobs finally admitted there was a problem and offered free bumper cases.


    Again Apple being so secretive they never get enough people testing the software or the hardware before release.


    So basically the iPad Air / IOS7 is like the original iPhone 4.

    Though I can't remember when Apple releases a new OS that actually breaks the most basic function broken browser. Could you imagine if Apple had also broken the phone with IOS7

  • aspacelot Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Very good points. You know, honestly I have the same issues on my iPhone 5 non-S. It doesn't seem to be as bad but I don't do near the amount of browsing on my phone as I do on my iPad, so naturally I'll notice it more on my iPad. Also I know that many sites have tablet versions of he site so that may be the issue, as the phone versions are simpler and there are far more phone customized sites as opposed to tablet customized.

  • ethanjeffrey Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    See the discussion thread "iPad Air Low Memory Crashes".


    Seems to be common....this could turn into a HUGH issue.

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    I cannot believe iOS 7 actually got released with such ridiculous bugs:

    1. A lot of websites working perfectly fine with iOS 6 crash inside Safari after iOS 7 upgrade, both on iPhones and iPads

    2. A lot of native applications working perfectly fine with iOS 6 have to be upgraded in order to work with iOS 7.


    Apple - this kind of products are not acceptable to your customers. Please fix!

  • psmyth Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    This is not just iPad Air. Happens on my Air and sisters 4th generation. Mostly I've seen it in Safari, even on I've done everything AppleCare said except restore to a new device. Going to Genius Bar today or tomorrow.


    I have the numerous Low Memory things on the Diagnostics and Data page. Since these are sent to Apple, Apple has to know iPads are crashing.

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    Don't waste your time at the Genius Bar, All they are going to do is replace your iPad 4, which is not a bad thing, you end up with a new one, but it will for sure 100% not fix the issue. It's IOS7 bug. I hope Apple fixes this soon.

    I have a new iPad Air and did a complete reset, and didn't install any software and it still crashes n Safarai and I had it crash also on the Apple web site.


    Come on Apple. ARE YOU LISTENING?????

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    I to have the Safari crashing and have spent hours on the phone and on the web chat to apple support.  Tried the apple authorised walk in repair agent who confirmed that the iPad did indeed crash after factory reset.  iPad being sent back to Apple for replacement - it is less than 70 days old. 


    Been onto Apple Support chat to try and find out what my warranty will be on the replacement.  Indications are that it is only 90 days and when asked about the 200+ days remaining on the faulty iPad I could not get a straight answer.


    The hardware is iPad Retina with 64GB no 3G only WiFi.  running iOS7.0.3.  Being a new to Apple I believed that updating from iOS6 to iOS7 would solve or at least improve the iPad experience I have. 


    My comments are (1) Apple have a problem which is that they do not listen and keep running down the same fault finding script in the vain hope that the user will give up.  (2) The warrenty issues are treated as if I was the first person to have asked about remaining guarantee on an item less than 70 days old from new.  (3) Going as directed to an Apple Approved Service center only means wasting time as they are not authorised to replace faulty iPads etc when under warranty.


    Come on Apple wake up this needs attention on several levels.


    A very frustrating introduction to Apple

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    So I wasted my time going to the Genius Bar.

    But not really. I get a brand new iPad 4 128 GB. If Apple gives enough away, maybe they will catch on.

    I duplicated the event for them (try fas pinch zooming). Diagnostics showed he low memory event. Restored everything to a new device. In the store. Happened again. New iPad on the way.


    Here's the best part.mi said it happened on my iPad Air often and iPhone 5 sometimes. So will I get new ones for them?


    And ironically, they said I could restore my new iPad from my iTunes backup.


    "Take my advices pull down your pants and slide on the ice."  Sidney Freedman

  • wildwestpat Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    So take warning only go to actual Apple Stores.  The approved Apple walk in centers are ok for out of warranty where you pay and they repair but they do not have the authority to repalace from stock.  My take is that the Apple management should be the ones doing the sliding dow the ice to oblivion.

  • psmyth Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Apple apparently has a built in script not to never admit a problem is on more than your device. I'm betting this is drilled in. I told the guy about issues on the forums.mhe said "well, we can't do anything about other iPads ..l"

    On my paperwork $299 will be charged off to somewhere. So if it were just one device, I see the cost effectiveness of their model. But not large numbers.

    I'm betting someone in the media.will pick this up soon.


    My AppleCare continues.

  • Steve Kornreich Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)


    I am currently in shock.

    So I went against my own advice and went to the Apple Store today to return my unused cover and discuss my issue with my new iPad Air, the Genius guy said just return it for a new one after showing him the same crash when doing a pinch zoom.


    So 5 minutes later I had a new iPad Air in the store, turned it on in the store and could not repeat the crashing.


    I have now been using my iPad Air for a few hours, with a full restore from iCloud and it has not crashed once?

    I have no idea. Not sure what to say?...


    Any ideas?


    Oh yeah just for giggles I checked out the new Microsoft Surface Pro 2. Not bad but IMHO it's still to heavy 2 pounds and I don't like the form factor to wide.

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    Figures. I spoke to soon.

    Safari just crashed. I had 4 tabs open and wammo crash.....

    Back to Apple Store for return and money back.


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