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  • LordElohim Level 1 (0 points)

    I've been dying to hear from pleask55 again.  Are you still following this thread?  How has Safari and iOS7 been holding up with the beta?  Are you still crash free?

  • prawlin Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes and it would be particularly interesting to hear if anyone testing the new beta release has tried it on

    And all the other sites that have been reported to crash in this long thread. Surely that would be the litmus test?




    Peter (UK)

  • kendradog Level 1 (0 points)

    As I explained in a previous comment, it is unlikely Apple will fix this problem in the near term.


    To a layman, these crashes seem like a simple thing to fix. They are wrong.


    Speaking as someone with software engineering experience, based on the pattern of crashes and the response by Apple, I doubt there is a simple fix. Most likely, a whole new team would have to be brought in to rewrite the code from scratch. And that is almost impossible to do in a large company for political reasons.


    As an example, sometimes if you see termites in a wooden house, you have to gut the whole foundation and start over. You cannot just kill individual termites, it won't help. If you explain this to the landlord and he insists there is no problem, or if he tells you that after the house is cleaned he doesn't see any termites for a few days, you can be sure the problem will not be fixed.


    People saying that the latest release of iOS7 fixes these issues most likely are just reacting to the fact that any reinstall of the OS typically fixes some memory management and memory corruption issues for a short time.


    Software management is much trickier than non-software-engineers appreciate. Based on the totality of data available to me, I see little hope for a fix here.

  • Steve Kornreich Level 1 (0 points)

    I new this issue would be hard to be resolved, Apple PR will say that IOS7 is not the issue, its the website code that is causing the issue. Placing the blame on evyone else amd not taking any responsibilty.

    Classic Apple

  • vivvvi Level 1 (0 points)

    If you really want to see some crazy $! try creating 4 webclips (or more) to unleash some iOS7 mahem.


    Thanks Apple, 2 years of my life developing a webapp for your devices and come time ready to release, theres no way any end user could put up with the bugs.


    All the webclips on the 'home page' end up with screwed up icons, and will crash when you try and launch them.

    delete one, and theyll go white with no icons!


    Try switching tasks to or from safari to a webclip CRASH


    And they are the kind of crashes that scare users, especially when you have a black screen, and neither home or power respond.


    That ontop of the Safari crashing, you'd almost be thinking its a strategy of Apple to rid their devices of web apps.

  • efflux Level 1 (0 points)

    New iPad air. Safari is crash city. I can't open gmail within safari at all.


    I spent a while considering Samsung 10.1 Galaxy Note 2014 or iPad. I went with iPad because it has Procreate for drawing even despite Apple's total inferiority compared to the Samsung with it's spen. Clearly I made a mistake. I have a Galaxy Note II phone with Android. Wow! I never realised iOS was such a disaster compared to Android. There is no competition here. Apple are in big trouble now in mobile market and I do use OSX on desktop for music so I'm not new to Apple.

  • kendradog Level 1 (0 points)

    Does anyone have any realistic suggestions for fixing this?


    I suspect the root cause here is just that Apple has nobody with software experience in senior management. Indeed, its head of software has no programming experience.


    I don't think a fix can come internally in this scenario. Every piece of software I've ever used from huge non-software companies managed by non-engineers has been full of bugs, because people without software background devalue stability compared to the GUI appearance. Usually non-engineers judge software by a 10-minute demo in a conference room, where everything always works of course.


    But, even non-engineers understand PR.


    That suggests this: if the main Apple blogs somehow complained about this more publicly, the senior people might care more about the software.


    I think if we could get the main blogs and the media interested, we could see a response from management in three or four months, and we could possibly see a fix in eighteen months or so (figuring it would take 4 months to recruit a new team, a year for the new team to rewrite the software).


    I know 18 months sounds like a while but if we users don't do something it will never get fixed, and iOS7 will turn into the buggy junk that the old phone companies used to sell (or Flash or client-side Java or any other huge software failures).


    I don't know, who has better ideas? I'm not saying I have the answer here, I'm just saying, I don't see any better option for users.

  • vivvvi Level 1 (0 points)

    This problem has existed for more than 2 years now in various forms since 5.0.1


    It has simply got worse since iOS7 and more buggy than ever.


    The crux of the bugs are all mobile Safari related.


    Apple have recently (in the last week) officially responded to people, that they are aware of the problem, and it will be released in an update.


    7.1 is in Beta 4 testing, and I can't get any info from developers, if it fixes any of these bugs.

    7.1 will likely not be released to the public until March, so if there is a fix pushed out before then we should expect a 7.0.5 update.


    I cant get back the last 2 years, or any of the sleep I have missed out on trying to make my webapps work.


    If Apple had done the right thing, they'd have let users downgrade, but in reality that would ideally be back to 5.0.1, but even back to iOS6 would make our webapps usable again.


    Time will tell if Apple is motivated to fix webapps that are outside of their 30% cash cow ecosystem.

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    Vivvi, Safari is the new internet explorer. And iOS is the new windows 98 / ME with the white apple logo of death boot.




    I tested Safari after deleting all my cookies data and cache.  Loaded 4 tabs with sites containing the notorious ones on the iPad that make Safari crash. 3 out of 4 sites passed the test. The fourth one didn't. But it is much more resilient. But I still feel Safari is delicate. I have to scroll nice and slow and let the page load fully.


    I also noticed in the log it has a bug number so it confirms they are working on it if the bug has a specific number assigned to the crash. Safari also exceeded the high memory threshold of 700mb which is why it crashed considering everything else in the background will be choked of ram. So definitely more optimization is required.


    They didn't out enough ram in our hardware and probably won't either. Apple isn't about specs but they should be adhering to a standard given the money spent on these devices. Someone other than the bean counters must have mentioned 2 GB of ram on a 64 bit device would be more useful.


    <Edited By Host>

  • efflux Level 1 (0 points)

    "Safari is the new internet explorer. And iOS is the new windows 98 / ME with the white apple logo of death boot."


    I agree with you completely on this point. Apple are trying to control and dominate and thus stifle innovation and improvements in the same way Microsoft did. I've been using Linux for years and I do still use OSX but on iOS I feel like I'm back on windows 98 seeking a better alternative but trapped there due to software apps I want to use. Apple's current business model can't succeed against Android in the end.

  • JamesTK Level 1 (0 points)

    Add to the list of sites that crash iPad AIR. After clicking "more" one or two times it vanishes into thin AIR.


    Also tried site using google chrome browser on iPad AIR. CRASH

  • Larry Nolan Level 2 (175 points)

    While my iPad Air experiences its share of Safari crashes ( though they are fewer recently) and quick restarts  (much less common now), this site did not crash my Air.  Not running the  beta software.

  • ronfromtoronto Level 1 (0 points)

    Well if the Apple store is any indication of how they won't compete with Android I don't see any sign of Apple slowing down.


    On another note, new iTunes is being pushed out.  This could be an indication that a new iOS will be pushed out soon since Apple always updates iTunes to support newer versions of iOS.

  • MyAppelMTL Level 1 (0 points)

    It is annoying that Apple is taking so long to fix the problem. I found a work around. I dropped Safari. I downloaded Puffin free browser and the websites which crashed on safari ( and Chrome, Opera etc) work fine with this browser.


    Websites such as



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