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  • wildwestpat Level 1 Level 1

    Spent ages last night on the phone to apple.  Having persisted I got put on to their "sipervisor" as I had said I wanted my money back so that I could go out and buy a tablet that works using Windows or Android.  I was given a lot of pressure about ways of getting round the problem such as browsing on a Windows PC and sending the documents (PDF) by email to my iPad and the suggestion to convert the PDF to RTF so that Safari could read it correctly.  I have run the memory test anf mine crashes out consistently at 40 meg.  BUT  My issue is that Safari has bugs in it that can not render some PDF files and crashes in the attempt.  I am persisting in getting my money back to buy possibly the Sony Z tablet or a Nexus as I think I have demonstrated that the iPad with iOS7 is not fit to be sold as a web browsing device.

  • Steve Kornreich Level 1 Level 1

    I returned my 2nd iPad Air and case to the apple store. i finished with iPad until these issues get fixed.

    So I walked down the the Microsoft Store and purchased a new Surface 2 which i amrunning nght now.

    is it as nice as an Air? of course not, yet does it work and fit my needs? yes.... web, email, facebook and you rube all work perfectly.

    I am also testing out the mew HP Omni 10 better form factor then Surface 2 yet the screen is not as nice as Surface.

  • psmyth Level 1 Level 1

    Just talked to Apple senior advisor Darren and gave him all my info. Crashes on iPad Air. iPad 4 and replacement iPad 4' even after restoring as new devices, and occasionally iPhone 5. Told him names of at least two support forums.

    He gathered diagnostics off my device. He asked questions, but we did not talk about fixes.

    He said it couldn't be anything but a software issue. I said "for sure?"

    He said he was sending it up to his engineers and would play with it on his iPad mini and 2.

    I think he gets it. We'll see if the engineers do.

  • Essen68 Level 1 Level 1

    Basically the same experience here after "upgrading" to 7.0.4, Safari still CTD when opening a new tab. Coming here frist would have save me the trouble and dissapointment.

  • wildwestpat Level 1 Level 1

    Since Safari crashes every time during the down load of PDF documents from a few web sites and the crash reports indicate failing at differing steps(using the same file) in the report.  The same PDF files fail when sent via iTunes and email.  This has made me think about what Safari actually does.  It looks as if that Safari software is the iPads only means of rendering the PDF into screen readable graphics.  Started to look on the web for PDF and iPad related issues.  Found the suspect PDF documents could be opened provided suitable Apps were added to the iPad.  This I suggest goes a long way to proving Safari software is defficient and Apple need to either fix it or alow third- party developers into the Apple garden to sort out the mess.  During this probing I think Safari when it crashes does not release memory correctly. 


    All this must have been known to the software developers in Apple if they ran even the simplest of tests given that Safari is responsible for all document translation into display format.  Guess any Beta testing was either ignored or was done by beguiling the testers with the fancy screens, icons etc so that they missed trying the iOS7 in real life scenarios OR were the Beta testers Apply empolyees and hence intimidated??????


    Please can others try using an App from the Apple store that down loads PDF files (Downloader lite and Adobe PDF reader) put in the URL and see what happens.  The file crashes on mine but can be downloaded then rendered in the free App by Adobe - PDF reader.  I have done this for both a factory reset to new and with various backed up resores and it works every time.  This is a long winded approach and is not a work around but does point the finger at Apple's NON compliance with industry standard on rendering PDF document to screen and not releasing memory correctly after crashing.


    I am still waiting for Customer Services to call.  I thing my next move is to take leagal action as the device is unfit for the purposes for which it is sold.  However I still like the experience of drawing on the iPad which remains better than the alternatives in Android or Windows.


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  • lebaz Level 1 Level 1



    Would you send me the URLs that crash your Safari? I have an appointment to discuss this issue with a senior engineer (not a support specialist) this week. I have not seen the PDF crash but I will present it when we meet.

  • renevoorburg Level 1 Level 1 crashes (move map to France for example, make sure by zooming that many markers are visibile, move the map)

  • psmyth Level 1 Level 1


    Among other sites that crashed was the Apple online store. When I went to iMac, Tech Specs, then scrolled down, it consistently crashed my iPad is I zoomed. Didn't crash on iPhone. All are iOS 7.04. Did the same for Tech Specs for the Mac mini.

  • Mitch Kramez Level 1 Level 1

    After a copule of days of troubleshooting, I've discovered the issue in our case. The issue lies in the CSS. we had the folloowing:


    div {

       -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;



    Which applies that to all the divs on the page - apparently this is too much for safari to handle now. We commented it out and we're good to go. You can also scope it more directly to only be:


    .nav-bar div {

      -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;



    etc, as long as it's not applying it to everything.


    Hope this helps someone!

  • psmyth Level 1 Level 1


    Is this the CSS for a specific site, or WebKit/Safari in general?

    Have you let Apple Know?


  • LordWaterman Level 1 Level 1

    Yes right even chrome does not work, google adwords falls over, I'm returning two ipad airs on Wednesday when I get back to the UK . Can't look at web based stats no good for my Seo business .

  • Mitch Kramez Level 1 Level 1

    I'm guessing this will affect a large number of sites since the backface-visibility was historically used to fix some oddness in iOS6 rendering on safari. I imagine it won't crash on all sites, but it would depend on how many elements the style had to applied to, in our case there were hundreds of divs, a site with only one div, however, maybe fine with that scoping. In our case, most of our users are already on iOS7. It generally fixed som flashing and flickering that used to happein iOS 5/6 which we really aren't concerned with as much as iOS7 crashing


    I'll be letting apple know here shortly. Thanks!

  • ethanjeffrey Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for doing this lebaz....



    Pull up, then do a pinch zoom



    When using route measuring tool


    (The site above has actually posted the message shown below on their site after numerous complaints from their customers. They also opened a bug report w/Apple, ref: 15250706, but it was closed w/o resolution.)


    "Problems with iOS7"

    "It looks like you are using the new iOS7 software release from Apple. Due to bugs in iOS7, a number of people have been experiencing problems with our Route Measurer crashing. We expect Apple to release fixes for this problem in due course, but in the meantime we recommend that you use our Route Measurer tool on a desktop computer or an Apple device running iOS6 or earlier."



    Enter a valid birthday then "enter"


    4. Link:




    Hope the link works, if not type marca in google and hit the translate this page link.

    It's a major Spanish football newspaper site, using google translate to deliver the page in English.



    Pinch zoom in then out a couple of times


    Additional info:

    I have also been able to crash when reading my Twitter account on Safari (not on the Twitter app).


    1) Open twitter account in Safari (make sure you have some tweets because you will be scrolling through them)


    2) Click on "tweets" to list your tweets.


    3) Scroll down the list of tweets until you reach the end several times


    4) Then quickly scroll back up the list of tweets.  - at this point the browser can shut down. You may have to do it several times.



    A lot of reports seem to be about crashes on websites with embedded youtube videos, when trying to post a comment to a news article (any major or independent news article), when "multi-tasking" on iPad(opening/closing tabs) or opening PDF files.

  • Mitch Kramez Level 1 Level 1

    I've created a demonstration to show this crash in action using a relatively simple html page with 200 divs and as many images, nothing complex, and the only CSS on the page (other than float:right) is the

    div {

                 -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;



    I've submitted a bug report with apple as this seems pretty definitive that this is, at least, one of the issues causing Safari in iOS7 to crash. If you're curious the bug report# is 15499540

  • 67mgb Level 1 Level 1

    Upgraphed iPad Mini to OS7 last night. It's my 90 year old mother-in-laws, has never been synched or backed up. After restart, I was asked to assign a password, which I figured was a smart thing to do. Now I am locked out, even though I know the password that I assigned it. I don't know how to do a restore if I can't connect to a computer. Am desperate, any ideas?

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