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I've been faced with this issue before. There are some apps that I deleted, but they always show back up on my iPhone every time I sync it. It gets pretty annoying and I want to manage my apps manually. Well, I have a solution for you guys. Follow the steps below!


Step 1: Open up your iTunes 11 and plug your iDevice into your computer.


Step 2: On the top right of your iTunes screen, click on the name of your device.


Step 3: Go to the "Apps" tab and scroll down until you see "Automatically Install New Apps", make sure that it is unchecked.


Step 4: If there are any apps that you don't want to show up on your iDevice, click on the "Remove" button right next to them. The button will change to "Will Remove", which means that the app will be removed from your iDevice the next time you sync it. The same thing goes for the "Install" buttons next to the app. Always sync after you choose every app that you either want to remove or install.


Step 5: Go onto the "Settings" app on your iDevice.


Step 6: Scroll down to "iTunes & App Store" and open it.


Step 7: Scroll down until you see the "Automatic Downloads" category and turn off both of the "Apps" and "Updates" sliders.


Step 8: Sync your iDevice and you should be able to manage your apps manually


I hope that I've helped some of you, have a great day!

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.2, Works on every iPhone and iPod!