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I came to Apple's knowledge base looking for instructions on HOW to enter a reminder. What I got was a list of WHAT reminders can be used for.  An EXAMPLE that says "to start a new reminder tap here, then enter a location by tapping there ....." would have gone a long, long way.


So instead I'm left to fumble around and second guess HOW to get it to work.


Sounds like Apple has been learning too many lessons from Microsoft.

iOS 7.0.1, iPhone 5S (my iphone does not show)
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    Hi Marc.Speth,


    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.  The iPhone User Guide has some good information about Reminders that might help you:


    Reminders - iPhone User Guide



    I hope this helps!

    - Ari

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    That is a step in the right direction .... but it is still significantly lacking in "How".


    I was looking at Reminders and trying to figure out 'what can this do that I can't already do with an appointmnet added to my calendar?'  The answer was 'Have it remind me to check the router settings the next time I go to my wife's office' .... but that's where the problem started .... there are no examples of HOW to setup something like that. 


    In other words ..... it looks like a nice little program ... where is the !*&$#! instruction manual?!?!?!  HOW do I setup a reminder.


    While that page you pointed me to is a nice little 'starter' ... I'm still no closer to 'Have it remind me to check the router settings the next time I go to my wife's office' because it doesn't tell me HOW to do that.


    Using the ininfo from your page I was finally able to enter a new item to the list, and I gave it a name "what now", but when I tap "done" it sits there and stares at me.  WHEN is it going to trigger?  HOW is it going to trigger? WHERE is it going to trigger?  WHY is it going to trigger?


    Is my iPhone going to jump off my nightstand at 3am some morning, slap me in the face and a computer voice is going to scream "WHAT NOW?"


    At least with the help of that page I know how to get rid of it so its not lurking in a dark corner of my iphone waiting to strike.

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    OK, now I get it.


    It would have done wonders for my knowlege (and my attitude) if the first couple times I started up Reminders if it had told me "Tap a blank line to enter a new Reminder" ... and then after I entered the name of the reminder it had said "now tap the circled-I to setup the your reminder"


    Some very basic instructions for people who have never used the program would have gone a long, long way to solve this problem (and kept my frustration level down).

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    To add a reminder

    Open the app

    Tap the first blank line

    Enter a title for the reminder (you can edit this later)

    Tap the 'I' on the right side

    Select the day and time to be notified

    Tap done when completed


    Another option is to have Siri set it up

    Just ask her to set a reminder for "task" on "date" at "time"