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In the past, I have used Nikon's software to download photos - and to create a backup at the same time, so I was able to create the same folder/file structure (based on data of capture) everytime I downloaded photos - once in the main location & once as backup.


My new camera ( Canon) & the Nikon software don't play well when there are raw files involved (perfectly happy if it's just .jpg - but I guess that's understandable!)


I'd thought that Lightroom would do what I want - it'll happily create folders of images based on date taken (as the Nikon software does), but if I get it to create a backup, all it does is to generate another folder elsewhere (where I told it - it's not *that* contrary) - but it creates a single "downloaded on ..." regardless of when they were taken.


My current backup is to use TimeMachine to backup everything & I also use Carbon Copy Cloner to back up the files once a week to a networked drive that my Windows 8 lappy can see too.


Ideally, I'd like to know if there's software that as soon as I save a file to location A, it gets saved as well to location 'B'.


I tried to work out how to do it using Automator, but I failed; I was able to persuade it to copy files from folder a to folder b, but not to create mirrored folder structures. (It's not a deeply nested folder structure ... I have a folder / year, so it's max of 366 folders within that, but they're not nested; just one a day). Someone on a Lightroom forum suggested Hazel - and from reading the documentation, I *think* it would do what I want, but I'm not 100% sure.


The Carbon Copy Cloner I have is an old version, so it keeps telling me I have to update it; I've no objection to paying, if it'll do what I want, but the version I have seems to only work on a scheduler, not instantly.


Any suggestions for the best way to go?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
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    Not that I know of however this would be a fairly simple Automator action if you care to take on Automator. I happen to use it when i want to batch rename files and then save them to a new location. For example I just came back from a trip where I had about 1000 new raw pictures to process. I first put the card in my iMac's drive, the told Automator to copy each file,  rename to Waikaloa Beach 1 (and then added a +1 to each photo so I ended up with Waikaloa Beach 389) and put the file in a new Folder called Waikaloa Beach and then told Aperture to then import all those folders into a new Waikaloa Beach project. I then had all my pictures from Waikaloa Beach imported as raw files, saved to a new folder and then imported into Aperture in one easy step. It does take some time to learn Automator but once you understand it saves a huge amount of time.


    I also use TM and SuperDuper to create backups so after the Automator actions were done not only did I have my picutres in Aperture I had redundant backups of each.

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    That's sort of what I'd got automator to do before - I'd worked out how to get it to rename files & to create a new folder (when I told it a name) & copy things there.


    What I couldn't work out how to do was a folder action that would identify new subfolders, copy them & their contents (with the same names) to a new location.


    I can't help thinking that it ought to be possible. It's just my brain can't get there!