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I want to make a photo book with My Publisher because of their lay flat pages. Having trouble exporting files to their site to get started! From Aperture I created a desktop file and tried to load it to My Publisher but unsuccessful. Any ideas? Thx.

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    Hmmm, doesn't run on my PPC Mac.


    So I can't see what is required filetype wise & such.


    Have you tried dragging a single pic, like a JPG to it?

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    I use the "hard way" to convert Aperture books to MyPublisher. Books are the same dimensions (MyPubliser actually prints Aperture books, albeit with different everything). Simply make your book in Aperture – this way you have a PDF that can be optimized for iPad, can test print at home, etc. Then transfer everything over using the same images, text, everything. Text holds format using copy/paste. Images are a little bit of a problem – where you need borders you will have to add them first. And sizing is a nightmare – Aperture gives you the sizes, then you have to use a ruler on your display to set the picture box sizes in MyPublisher before placing.

         You will notice a couple of differences: Apple books are best viewed in bright interior light. MyPublisher books seem to want to not wash out in direct sun – I think they are too dark. I like to bulk-set the Aperture images 1/4 to 1/2 stop lighter when using them in MyPublisher, scenics especially are simply too dark otherwise.

         In MyPublisher, be sure to wait for a half price special.