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I have no background in the movie business but i anyhow get into the old FCP many years ago. I have been struggling and tried to learn the way to look at movies in the old days but i have not been so sucessfull. I have said to myself many times that i have to know how to make "real" movies to myself before i start with the old FCP.


Now with Final Cut Pro X i realise that this was true. Apple has made it understandable to edit movies for us that dont have the background in the movie industries.


I just downloadet it yesterday and can say much about it more than "this is how a Movie Editing program should work 2013." And it works with OSX 10.6.8 and that makes many Mac owners happy.


I will  dig into it now and i think i will end up with some questions here.


It was long time ago Apple suprised me in this great way after the 10.7 and iOS7 disaster,


Great work Apple


Btw. I found this great Tutolrial of how to use Final Cut Pro X at Izzy Video.


Final Cut Pro X, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Considering your point of view here, you will probably want to read through this thread:



    Your experience is only going to get better as you learn more and spend time in FCPX. If you start to get into trouble with it later it will probably be because you've advanced into editing in a way you didn't think you would go. This program draws you in.


    I think the Izzy Video trainings are great. I like the fast pace he takes and the professional level of production he provides even in the free series.



    I have to add I don't see iOS 7 as a "disaster." Yes, it's different and as I've told many people here in the forums change is hard. The thing is in a matter of days literally many tens of millions of devices have upgraded. In any process there will be glitches and problems. Who knows how many people experience complete anxt or had a destructive upgrade experience, but clearly it isn't in any way a large percentage of the millions of upgrades that have and continue to take place. Of course the goal is 0 loss, but realistically it's not that bad. It just gets covered in media because it's Apple.

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    I know that some are happy and some are dissapointed. I think maybee i am to old to think all the new stuff is cool. Thats one thing and thats ok with me. But what i have problem with is when Apple take away functions and that there are so many bugs and problems.


    I feel that I am the beta tester of some of Apples products and i dont want to be that. I am running a bussiness and dont want loose time and money because I have to sit and find out som function now not working after upgrading. Its Apples responsibility to deliver a product with as less bugs as possible. Apple is second to none so far but if this continue with new versions and upgrades 2-5 times every year it takes to much time.


    Of course if people are using Apple product private and are intrested in computing and can spend much time with updates and new stuff its ok.


    But i can tell you its a nightmare when a new update comes to either iOS or OSX when you have a staff with 8 iPhones and 14 Macs. When we ugraded from 10.6.8 to 10.7 our business was down for 6 days. Happely we downgraded to 10.6.8 and get our business up running again.


    Final Cut Pro X  semes been a well written Application from start and i hope the FCPX guys keep ut the good work.

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    My approach is to never upgrade to the first version, I always wait for a second or even third version. Especially if I'm working on an important project. Just to make the point, I'm still on OS 10.6.8 because of one PowerPC program that I cannot work without.

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    Thronborg I certainly understand your point about the changes when you're relying on the products for your business, and when there are so many units involved, and systems in place. Change is one thing, the resulting disruption and impact is another altogether. There's more I'd like to say on this but I don't want to go completely off topic



    Perhaps you're not aware, but FCPX was met with a lot of negative reaction from the pro editing community. Among many other negatives, it was said to be a beta release. Since it's release there have been 9 updates, a couple of them with features added that greatly addressed the pro production communities complaints. FCPX is the future of editing, period. Out of the gate most denied and fought it, a few embrased it. Those early adopters perhaps paid a price early on, and now they start to reap the rewards offered by this advanced editing system. Yes it's still a work in progress-a great one.

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    You are so right Bobbyco57, When i first heard the issues with FCP X i decided to not buy it. Now 4 days ago i accidently run into a positive review and downloaded the demo.


    Back to the topic.


    I have started to editing a little in FCP X and i love it. But it semes its not compatible with Canon XLHG1 HD and Canon XLH1 HD that I have. I have not gone so far so i tryed import FCP X but what is your suggestion to do?


    Its DV tape based Cameras and we have the Sony GV-HD700E Editing Deck where we can play the Tape from.


    I only want the clips from the Tapes into FCP X without any quality loss. No XML files to read.


    What is the best way to get the tape from theese cameras to FCP X?

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    There is a site that is a MUST for you in your Final Cut Pro X journey. It is fcp.co

    The pro community hangs there and they are extremenly helpful and a welcoming community, even to those like me who are active hobbyists.


    On fcp.co, here are a couple links that just may be helpful regarding your Canon tape based equipment.


    This one, not specifically your camera, but perhaps helpful:

    http://www.fcp.co/forum/4-final-cut-pro-x-fcpx/16045-import-fail-while-live-reco rding-with-canon-hv30?start=20#20149


    More specific to your equip., helpful?

    http://www.fcp.co/forum/4-final-cut-pro-x-fcpx/16045-import-fail-while-live-reco rding-with-canon-hv30?start=20#20149

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    Thronborg wrote:


    But it semes its not compatible with Canon XLHG1 HD and Canon XLH1 HD that I have. I have not gone so far so i tryed import FCP X

    Why do you say those cameras are incompatible if you haven't tried them with FCP?



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    To my knowledge, FCPX requires a Firewire connection to import DV from a camera or deck. If your computer only has Thunderbolt, there's a Firewire to Thunderbolt adapter, but there have been discussion of the connection to a camera being buggy. Despite when I read about problems with a specific operation, I always give it a try myself, so often the the problem is with the user, not the equipment.

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    Russ H

    No i havent tryed yeat. In FCPX in the "Help" meny select supported Cameras, non of the bigger Cameras and Pro cameras are listen. I am not sure why.




    And here is FCPX Supported formats and I/O




    All this with HD, 1080i. 1080p 720p, and all this different hardware compression made by the Camera and software compression H.264, AVCHD, ProRes 422, RAW, Proxy, etc, etc...


    And on top of that there is different standards in the US 60fps and in the Europe and most Asia 50fps.


    Its a little bit of jungle to know what to use.


    What do you use when you:?


    1. Import from Camera
    2. Editing
    3. Exporting
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    Thalk you bobbyco57 for the links!

    Great site, as you say, a must for a FCPX user.



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    You can generally ignore the "supported cameras" info as it is completely useless.


    There are thousands of old and new cameras on the market and Apple can only test a handful as it has neither the time nor money to waste on tests for a miniscule revenue earner like FCP X.


    Generally any DV, HDV or AVCHD camera will work OK.

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    Thanks R. Brown

    I assumed that, i tryed and it worked. I think if its not working there is some other problem that you have to start and play the movie in the camera BEFORE you import.


    Its fore sure an impossible work for Apple to test all the cameras ther is ad has been. So maybe a list of working Cameras is not the best way to tell. I assume it can be a OSX and QuickTime version issue to if it dont work.


    So to try is the best solution and since you can download FCPX for free for 30 days its what you shoud do instead of get hocked in this list of working Cameras.

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    Thronborg wrote:

    … that you have to start and play the movie in the camera BEFORE you import.…



    There's basicly two sorts of devices:

    • tape-based - these HAVE to be firewire-connected; the fw protocol is more than just 'cable&plugs', it allows software. as FCPX, to remotely control the camera. Set cam to 'Play', and follow advices given in FCPX' Manual. Transfer is in real-time only.



    • 'flash-mem'-based - these devices are usb-connected to Mac; the camera appears as a 'drive' in FCPX; import is as transfering files from hard-drive1 to hard-drive2. Transfer is as fast as media allows.