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I like the way that Siri allows you to dictate a text message and then read it out before you send it but I think I have found a bug, this is the scenario.


  1. Tell Siri to send text message and specify the person.
  2. Dictate a message (let's call this message1).
  3. Siri asks you whether you want to send it or cancel it, you ask to review it.
  4. Siri reads message1.
  5. Then you ask to "change it", Siri asks you for the new text (message2).
  6. Then I ask Siri to read it so I can review the contents of message2.
  7. Siri reads out message1. <== This is the bug!
  8. If you tell Siri to send it, message 2 is sent.


Apart from that Siri works better in iOS7 than it did in iOS6.


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iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.2
  • Matt in Texas Level 1 Level 1

    Annoying issue. I can't get Siri to read back or "review" a text after I dictate it. I just get beep-beep and I have to look at the screen or only say "send" or "change". It will not respond to review which is one of the commands she offers.