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Since I downloaded iOS 7.0  =cannot connect to wifi.  Prior to 7.0  ipad automatically joined my home network.  Now it asks for a password which does not work.  I have tried all of the apple support canned suggestions.  I have a catch 22 problem.  If I cannot get wifi connection, how am i supposed to download any sofware fix?

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    Sorry but I doubt that anyone here knows the answer to that question.

  • Danskii Level 1 Level 1

    Try forgetting the network and restarting your iPad. Type your password in again. I was having problems with my mini wifi, it always asked for a password and wouldn't work once typed in. I turned it off and took the sim out and then put it back in and restarted. I still periodically have this problem but if I do this it works!

  • Diavonex Level 9 Level 9

    Where did you get stuck?



    Software update



    1. Settings>General>Software Update



    2. Download software



    3. Agree to Terms and Conditions



    4. Select "Install"



    5. Verifying update



    6. Apple Logo + progress bar



    7. Black screen



    8. Apple Logo



    9. Apple Logo + progress bar



    10. Apple Logo



    11. Hello screen in multi-language



    12. Black screen



    13. Slide to setup



    14. Update completed



    15. Tap "Continue"



    16. Choose a Wi-Fi Network



    17. Update iCloud; enter iCloud password



    18. Set iCloud Keychain Password



    19. Select "Don't Add Passcode"



    20. Welcome to iPad (Get Started)



    21. Home Screen

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    Hi ,since i updated to IOS 7.3 i have three problems, First the sound for video and musiqu is dispered for my Iphone only i have to use my headphone .Secondly , all my musiqe is gona and finally i can not use USB in my computer it got message that the problem with your apple device and softwere.....anyone can help me on that????

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    Not sure if this will help, but this fixed my wifi problem with the new update: http://ipadnerds.com/fix-wifi-issue-ios-7/