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I have searched the forums here and cannot find anyone with the exact same problem that I have.  If you find one, please feel free to post a link.


I have a late 2011 13" MBP running OS X 10.8.4 (Mountain Lion).  Occasionally after waking my computer from sleep (2-3 times per week), the wifi icon will constantly show one bar going up then down (hard to explain, but searching for signal...you know) over and over.  When I click on the icon there will be no networks found and it will say "Wifi: Looking for Networks".  It will search indefinitely.  I cannot connect to my known network, nor see it. I live in an apartment building with 15+ wifi networks usually visible but none of them will appear.  I try to turn wifi off, and nothing happens.  The icon is still in search mode, I click it again, and the option to turn off wifi is still clickable.  Over and over. 


The only solution I have found is a restart - sometimes a hard shut down and restart at that. *cringe*


This is extremely frustrating.  Nearly missed an 11:59pm (EST) deadline tonight. Any help would be appreciated.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    I live in an apartment building with 15+ wifi networks usually visible but none of them will appear



    The Wi-Fi networks you may be trying to join may be password protected.


    Better to setup an account with an internet service provider then setup your own Wi-Fi network.

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    The other wifi networks in my building ARE password protected, but I'm not trying to join them. I DO have an ISP and my own network. Thanks for the lecture on how wrong it is to steal my neighbors' wifi though.


    My problem is that my MBP cannot see ANY networks, much less attempt to join them. Or mine for that matter.


    No offense, but did you even read my post? I said nothing about trying to connect to an outside network. I cannot SEE ANY networks INCLUDING my own known network.  I said 15+ networks are usually visible, but they aren't when I have this problem. I said that to illustrate the point that it is not a connection issue. It is a "network finding" problem (excuse the laymen terms). 

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    Test after taking each of the following steps. Back up all data before making any changes.

    1. Make sure the network is on the preferred list by following these instructions.

    2. Follow the instructions in this support article under the heading "Symptom: The network connection drops unexpectedly."

    3. Make a note of all your settings for Wi-Fi in the Network preference pane, then delete the connection from the connection list and recreate it with the same settings. You do this by clicking the plus-sign icon below the connection list, and selecting Wi-Fi as the interface in the sheet that opens. Select Join other network from the Network Name menu, then select your network. Enter the password when prompted and save it in the keychain.

    4. From the Location menu at the top of the Network preference pane, select Edit Locations. A sheet will drop down. Click the plus-sign button to create a new location. Give it any name you want. In the new location, set up the Wi-Fi service with the same settings you used before. Click Apply and test.

    5. Launch the Keychain Access application. Search for and delete all AirPort network password items that refer to the network. Make a note of the password first.

    6. In some cases, the problem has been resolved by repairing permissions on the startup volume.

    7. Reinstall OS X.

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    I finally gave up. I tried about a half dozen different fixes for this problem. None of them worked. So I bought an external Panda wireless connector. Not only does it not drop the signal, but it's faster than airport.

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    I hadn't thought of doing that. I haven't had this problem since upgrading to Mavericks, but the thought of the Panda being faster than AirPort is interesting.