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forgot password for my iphone how can I restore it or take the password?

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.2
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    _mfonseca wrote:


    forgot password for my iphone


    See Here  >  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1212

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    I read somewhere that with ios 7 and the new security features with find my phone active it is a little harder to get things to work again.  Someone said that what you do is go to www.icloud.com and log in on your computer then click on find my phone and then remotely wipe the phone and then activate the phone again and use you Apple ID to achieve that and then restore from you backup to get the phone back to they way it was.  I hope you have a backup

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    I am not sure that HT1212 works any more in the way that it did under ios6.  wjosten has said something like what I have just said.  I hope I got it correct

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    You could be on the money...  I just had a look here...



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    Thanks for the link... that was how I understood it too.  I hope it helps the OP

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    Ocean20 wrote:


    ...  I hope it helps the OP


    It will if they are genuine...

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    For the record, AFAIK, with iPhones running iOS7.0, and Activation Lock active, there are only two ways to remove a forgotten passcode: 1. Force the phone into recovery mode & restore it...any computer can be used; 2. Login to iCloud.com, from any computer, and erase the phone. Once done, the phone can be restored from backup, if a backup exists. Either method requires knowing the original Apple ID/Password, that was originally used to activate the phone.


    There is another complication I've run into: The Sim pin. There are carriers that still require sim pins. If the phone has a sim pin, you'll be stuck in a cath 22, in that you can't activate the phone without removing the sim pin, but removing requires the phone be activated. Only solution I'm aware of is to either borrow a sim without a sim pin, or get a new sim from your carrier.

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    Once again I am impressed.  How the **** do you know all this?  It took me a week to work out that MBE stood for molecular beam epitaxy!