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Shane Ross wrote a reply ( see below )  to a person that had the same problem as I am now.


I shot with HVX200 using the Firestore that converted footage to 59.94. Then, mid-project I shot with the P2 which shot at 24. I now have 2 diff. frame rates


I tested some clips in Compressor comverting the 24 to 59.94.


Using FCP Studio 2 , I was unable to reconnect the media without the in/out points being off with varying degrees.  Doing an entire re-edit will be painful.


QUESTION : Do I really have to convert the 24 to 59.94? Would it significantly affect output?

The codec is the same for all footage.  ( DVC PRO HD 720P. )







[elizabeth charles] "My question is, is there anyway to change the files in my timeline to the conformed files without having to begin my editing again?"




You did a bad thing.  Editing, finishing, then changing the frame rate of your masters.  FCP cannot reconnect to media with differing frame rates.  Because the duration of the footage is different, and the frame rate is different. The footage has the same amount of frames..., but now they play at a different frame rate, so the duration is different. You'll have to re-edit with the new masters.


But...RECONFORM...that changes the frame rate, as well as the speed in which they play.  30fps conformed to 24fps will play in slight slow motion.  If you want the footage to play at a different frame rate, but the same speed...normal speed...you need to use Compressor.



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    There's a right way and there's a wrong way.  You may get away without converting the frame rate but your results will be unpredictable AND the quality of the frame rate adjustment that FCP will make with this workflow will probably not look as good as doing this properly in compressor.   If you decide to go the compressor route, be sure and set the retiming to best in frame controls.


    Replacing the footage after conversion should not be that difficult.  eyematching and using the gang function to confirm that you've matched the shot correctly goes pretty quickly. 

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    another thought.  You could keep editing with the mixed frame rates and then file:  export:  quicktime movie with current settings and bring that file back into fcp and just replace any shots that you feel aren't up to snuff. 

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    The gang function? never heard of that.


    Set framing to BEST? Not sure how to do that. I choose under VIDEO SETTINGS, DVC PRO HD 720P60, with a frame rate of 59.94. Didn't see an option for BEST.


    After conversion I need to reconnect media. does the GANG function help in reconnecing? I will have to look into that!



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    gang allows you to lock the viewer and canvas together so when you move one, the other moves the same amount.  To match back your footage, you find a frame with a clear difference from the previous frame, for example when someone blinks.  You then find the blink on the new source file in the viewer and then turn on the gang function Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 2.24.44 PM.pngIt's the center thingamagic at the top of the canvas.  You then jump around the shot in the canvas and make sure the movement in the viewer matches.  you then find the in in the canvas and mark an in in the viewer, etc and replace the shot.  If this isn't clear post back.


    In compressor in the frame controls panel, you enable frame controls and set the rate conversion to best.