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Hello, All. I am a desktop technician at a high school. All of our access points are broadcasting the same SSID name, so the only way to differentiate between access points is by the BSSID address. The problem is that the Macs on campus do not automaticly connect to the nearest access point, or at least the access point with the stongest signal. Is it possible to have the Macs automaticly connect the nearest access point, or specify a BSSID for it to connect to?



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    Hello, I've noticed Macs/OSX cannot distinguish between SSIDs with the same name.


    I realy don't know if this would work or not, but might try it...


    In System Preferences>Network>Wifi/Airport>Advanced, uncheck Remember any Network & remove any there already.


    Instead of joining it from the list, click the WiFi icon at the top, and click join other network. Fill in everything as needed..