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My iphone 4s giving me no service

I have to restart phone every 5 min

When I restart i get full signal and after few second It start dropping and stop on 2 bar and after few more seconds it give no service.


What cloud be the issue ?

Its hardware (if its hardware what component I need to change or repair.

If its software then what is the solution.

I am in Pakistan and here we have no apple store or genius bar facilities.


Help me to solve the issue otherwise iphone is non useable at the moment.


I need quick reply from Apple team.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6), windows 7
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    Hi faryaz the next step i would recommend is a reset all settings


    settings > general > reset . reset all settings


    This will not delete any of your data but it will put all of your settings back to factory settings ( i.e. ringtones, backgrounds, etc...)


    test this out and let me know how it works


    Its best ot do all the software troubleshooting before jumping to hardware replacments

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    Hello COD Lover thanks for replying I have done this but problem is still there, I have restore iphone 4s in DFU mode as well but problem remain same.


    Also when I have done DFU mode restore after restore when iphone start my lcd was flickering for 5 min and then It was OK but signal problem is still there.

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    If you have tried a restore as new expecially in DFU mode you have done all the software troubleshooting neccesary this narrows it down into a hardware issue.


    Apple does not recommend doing any repairs on your own because it will void your warranty however


    You would be looking into repairing your Signal Antenna


    Before doing this repair i would suggest contacting your carrier and having them reset your cellular network just in case


    Good luck


    Let me know how it goes

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    I don't have any warrenty left. Plus I visited local iphone repair shop and they have changed the cellular antenna as well but problem remain same.

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    If the Antenna has already been replaced that would leave the only other option as being an issue with your carrier. I would suggest contacting them and telling them all the troubleshooting you have completed and see if there is a problem on their end.

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    I have contected them they have given me new sim card but problem remain same. I have changed network and problem is there as well.


    I think there is fault somewhere in logic board or power IC etc.

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    There is a possibility the logic board could have a short in that but that would be hard to determine without doing the actual repair. Even though the price on repair for the antenna was fairly cheap you will find the price for a logic board repair is quite a bit more. I would bring it back into your repair shop and see what they recommend at this point.