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Ever since updating my iPhone 5 with the new iOS 7, this display message pops up while my phone is plugged in to the computer, using the original cable that came with it in the box. Researching this issue only informed me that the new iOS is no longer compatible with generic iPhone chargers. However, mine is the one made by Apple and so there should be absolutely no issues with it. While it is plugged in my phone charges on and off, never consistently charging. It's really irritating and is making charging a very slowgoing process. Does anyone else have any insight on this issue?


While we're at it, I noticed the new iOS 7 kills the battery life much faster than the previous iOS; I don't use my phone too much throughout the day, and it has been dying consistently twice a day. If I don't use it nearly at all, it seems to last only six or so hours.


Thanks in advance for any feedback! Hope not everyone is having these issues!


iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.2
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