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I just jumped onto the Apple thing, and decided I should import all my (paid for, original) CDs to to itunes, on my macbook pro, so i can listen to them on my iphone, and in my car.  All my CDs seem to import with the highest quality besides my Warner Bros produced albums. (at least that the only connection I can find. Namely, Van Halen and Black Sabbath.  It seems that Van Halen, all 5 albums I own import with a skipping or ticking noise in the background.  Sometimes the song even has a little jump or skip.  Black Sabbath is not as bad, their albums come with more of a background distortion type noise.  Mind you, these CDs all play perfectly well in my stereo and through my car.  I have read some forums on here, and cannot find a resoluton to my issue.  I have used different techniques, apple lossless encder, AAC encoder, changed bitrates, used the error cerrecting, disabled the error correction, no solution.  Some adjustments acutaually make it worse! I see other people have this issue as well, please help!


Side note, I have a PC I busted out, and downloaded the albums to that itunes to see if it made any difference, and it did not.  Thanks!

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.2