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Anyone know if Apple have (or are going to) released information on the actual power input requirements for the MacBook Pro ? I specifically mean for the machine, NOT it's AC adapter.
They came tantalisingly close for the 17" PowerBook with this :
I suspect the answer is going to be NO, if so then I would suggest they reconsider their policy - making up new proprietry connectors and restricting the supply of third party products like this is really having an effect on their image. People DO notice this sort of thing, and suggest they've been taking lessons from Microsoft in how to restrict people/force them to buy more than they intended.

Given that I've a box full of dead Apple supplies for PowerBooks, some of which have already been repaired and given a second life, then I'd rather put off buying a MacBook until I know I can either make, buy, or adapt a third party supply (at a reasonable cost). I'm powering my PowerBoook now off a third party supply that seems better built and was half the price of an Apple supply. Plus I need three, one to live under the desk at home, another to live under the desk at work, and a third to go around in my case - it makes life so much easier. I've no intention of shelling out for three extra Apple supplies (two extras and a spare for WHEN one packs in).