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I owned and still own multiple Apple computers for years.


I just got an iPad, and I must say, I don't understand much of it (where things are stored, how to transfer things into it, and how to extract things from it, etc.). For example, I battled for hours to put my own wallpaper on the iPad... I read 100 Websites on the subject, and nothing EVER worked out for me. Ah well... I'll come back to that a little bit later.


But for now, I was wondering... Here is my first question, from the start: a) I buy buy my iPad, b) I set it up (network, etc.), c) my music library is in the Music app (and I can play it), but I NEVER synched my iPad to my MacBook Pro! How is that possible? How can I play my music on my iPad when I didn't even transferred my music from my MacBook Pro into it? I have almost 200 GB worth of music on my MacBook Pro, and my 128 GB iPad's storage is almost empty!