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I need a simple way to record higher SPL band rehearsals. I don't need studio quality or multi tracking. Just an audio recording that clear and as un distorted as possible. I know the built in mics on Idevises are not really made for higher volume stuff. My band has changed some of the structures of cover songs we are doing so practicing to the original artists studio recording does more harm then good. I just want to be able to record us rehearsing so I can practice to it at home. And get the changes and structure down before we play out live later this month.


I have quite a few idevices but the more modern choices at my disposal are: iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPad (3rd gen) ipod (4th gen)


What device, app and hardware will healed best results. I've been told the mic on the earbuds have a better frequency response then the built in mic. So is it better to use that?  And what app is good simple and effective at auto controlling the mic's sensitivity to reduce distortion.


Also I am the drummer and acoustically seated, in About the worst position for quality. So rather then have the idevice behind my kit where I can control it. I would need something I could place across the room and just record an hour or two.




iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 7.0.2