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Hi Guys,


I'm back again with ANOTHER airport question, this is begining to tick me off right now as the thing is not doing what i intended it for, even though apple in Hong Kong told me it would work.


So my new question is, is it possible to produce multiple networks using airport express from my airport extreme. at the moment my network is set up as extenders so both of my extremes follow teh same wifi name as my extreme, is it possible to achieve teh following:


Airport Extreme with wifi name "Homer"

Airport Express 1 with wifi name "Bart"

Airport Express 2 with wifi name "Madge"


i dont wantthem to follow the Extreme as my wife (bless her) dont understand taht if she is connect to "Homer" (downstairs) and she is upstairs ona skype call connected to "Bart" her signal strength is not the best. Obviously they will not be named this, but they will be named for her to understand


Many thanks in advance


  • Tesserax Level 9 (50,494 points)

    By default, a base station that is extending another MUST have the same Network Name (aka SSID) as the base station that it is extending.


    If your goal is to deploy separate Wi-Fi networks, each having a unique Network Name, then you would need to interconnect them by Ethernet. Roaming between base stations would not be possible but all should be able to access the Internet through the "main" AirPort.

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    Many thanks Tesserax, Back to teh srawing board ....