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I have a iCloud email account set up on my Mac and iPad, but I want to add an iCloud email for my wife. This should be simple...it's Apple we are talking about. But it hs been very frustating after several days of searching discussion groups and reading Apple notes. I am continually confused about what Apple ID they are referring to and in which Preferences settings (iCloud or Mail, Contacts & Calendars) to do the account setup in. Apple needs to streamline this and make it more intuitive...but let's get to the question.


I have an iCloud account with icloud email, contacts and contacts setup already. I want to share the contacts and calendars with her. My wife has an iCloud account but I haven't been able set up her iCloud email account. What are the steps I need to take to add my wife's iCloud email to my Mac?

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    Sysytem Preferences > Mail, Contacts & Calendars > Add

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    Thanks, I will list the steps I have taken. I'm sorry to have so much detail, but maybe I am missing something in what I am doing.


    Add the add is the first point where it isn't clear on what to do or enter. When you first go into Mail, Contacts & Calendars, the "+" add is dimmed so I can't select it. But in the window where at the bottom you can select "Add Other Account..."   You can also select iCloud but again not clear if this is the next step.


    So I selected my iCloud account and now I can select the "+". Mail is checked in the window that appears. But I could go straight to Add Other Account without selecting my iCloud account and seeing the various services check boxes. I chose "Add a Mail account" and "Create".


    Now the Add a Mail Account window appears which asks for Full Name, Email Address and Password. So I put in my wife's name, the new iCloud email I want to set up for her and her iCloud account password and selected Create.


    A window came up saying "The Mail server “icloud.com” is not responding. Try checking the network connection, and that the server name is correct. Otherwise, the server might be temporarily unavailable. Click "Continue to set up account in Mail".


    I clicked Continue and Incoming Mail Server window appears with Server name:  "imap.mail.me.com. Her User Name shows just the first part of her iCloud address and I enter her iCloud password over the dots. I selected Continue and Incoming Mail Security window appears. Clicked Continue and Account Summary window appears. Clicked Create.


    Her iCloud account is now in the Mail, Contacts and Calendars window but is Inactive. I selected it and entered her password. It says "Incorrect Password".


    This is where I am at a loss for what to do. Any help would be appreciated.

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    The + in the bottom left corner is really only there in case you have selected one of the existing accounts and the options to create a new account are not available on the right hand side.


    All you need to do is to select the iCloud option on the right hand side and enter the ID and password. Once you've done that and it has long been, you can then choose which services to enable.


    Is this not what you see.



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    Yes this is what I see, by selecting iCloud on the right. If I select iCloud on the right and enter my Apple ID and password the message says "Already signed in...."  I already have my iCloud mail set up on my computer. Sothen  in this window I entered my wifes Apple ID and Password I got a window saying "This is not your Primary iCloud account."  When I click on Mail checkbox, the display shows Setting up with spinning gear. This process never completes.

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    Ok. I solved the problem. I went through the secondary iCloud email account setup procedure on my iPad using the idetical settings I was using on my iMac. It worked perfectly and now I have my wife's new iCoud email working on the iPad.


    So here's the interesting part. I went back to the iMac and went through the identical procedure I previously tried without success and my wife's iCloud email was immediately activated.


    Is there some unwritten rule that you must first set up a secondary account on an iOS device before setting it up on an OS device? 

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    Had exactly the same problem as i2. Tried to set up email address on secondary Apple ID (you are only allowed one email address per ID it seems . Not sure why. Seems rather mean). Comes back with "not enabled,try later"

    Tried all the various solutions , tried to understand the many Apple help pages which are not much help. None explicity state that you can only have one email address and that another Apple ID is Secondary or explains what that means.

    Followed i2,s example and tried it on an iPad which worked . Then went back and tried it on the iMac and it worked. What a nonsense. Apples unwritten rules could fill a library. And it is all supposed to be intuitive.Ha!

       OSX Mavericks 10.9  iMac