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Basically, there are songs in my iTunes iCloud (they are available for downloading on my iPad and iPhone) that are not showing up in any way on one of my computers. They are of course on the originating comuter. How do I access these songs and get them on to my other computer? (I know the old fasioned file sharing ways, and importing via home share, etc - but they *should* be available through iTunes cloud!!)


Also, there are playlists in my iCloud that I have deleted from all comptuers - but they remain in the clous (visible on my iPad and iPhone). How can I remove these from the cloud?

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Solved by sheila_m. on Oct 5, 2013 1:32 PM Solved

Hello Randy,


Thank you for the details of the issue you are experiencing with your iTunes purchases. 


You can download the songs directly to your computer through the purchased section in the iTunes Store.  I recommend following the steps in this article to download the songs to your computer:


iTunes 11 for Mac: Download previous purchases from the iTunes Store



You can also setup iTunes to automatically download any future purchases using the steps in this article: 


iTunes Store: How to enable Automatic Downloads



Additionaly, you can delete playlists from your iOS devices using this step:

Clear or delete a playlist you created on iPhone: Select the playlist, then tap Clear or Delete.


If you are looking at the list of playlists, you can also swipe left over the name of the playlist to get the delete option.  You can review more information about playlists here:


iPhone User Guide



Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.



Sheila M.